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Last Updated:
6.5.98 10:26PM
(Taiwan Time)

For those asking...I live in Hong Kong, which is not in Japan, but China. Japan is 5 hours away in a plane. I am American whose father was transferred here, I do not know karate, and no, I do not know Chinese or Japanese. I am 12 hours ahead of the Eastern Standard Time Zone.

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  3.2.98 4:05 PM   (Taiwan Time)


I'm back!by Mr. Baldy
Due to the mass number of e-mails I have received and because of the fact that there are no real files sites updated well, I will be reopening the Quake 2 File House. It will need some surgery before the actual opening, but I am starting that, and looking for some people to fill some much needed positions:
  • News Updator - Someone to update the news and files sections
  • Level Reviewers - LATER!
  • Mod/Bot/TC/PC Reviewers - LATER!
But those will not be filled quite yet. I need to finish the sections first, and then catch up for the month of updates I missed. I figured that the skins and models sections were a huge hassle, so I will not be doing them. Instead, a very good site is avaliable here. There will be some various changes to the site, that you may or may not notice. Also, maps will not be covered anymore through this site. They are also a very large field, which requires even more sites to cover the vast amount of content.
          Daily News:
          I'm back!

  5.13.98 5:46 PM   (Taiwan Time)


Eraser v.99by Mr. Baldy
There were two releases... v.98, and v.99. In the first release, the new fixes and features were:
+ Fixed level progression crashes
+ Better button handling
+ NODES: One-way trigger_push brushes (don't drop reverse jump nodes)
+ mapmod_random cvar (random map progression)
+ bot_tarzan cvar (toggle bot's "advanced" use of grapple)
+ botpause, simulated pause (since PAUSE doesn't work during deathmatch)
An for the next version, here's what I got from their page:
Fixed a few minor problems in the last release, and added the ability to drop CTF flags in non-CTF maps (they get saved in the node data, and are enabled by setting CTF = 1 before loading the map, see readme.txt, "CAPTURE THE FLAG" section for more details). This effectively allows you to play CTF in any Quake2 map.

I've also recorded that alternate-paths demo I've promised for so long. It's mentioned in the Building Clean Routes section of the readme.txt (near the end).. so please check that out for the file link (to save me repeating the whole section here).

Along with the download in the bots section, I have given this bot a mini award for being the best of the best

TagYerIt 1.15 Beta 5by Mr. Baldy
this should be the last BETA version before the final is released, as there are little or no bugs lurking around...The newest features include:
  • Includes VWep, which can be enabled/disabled
  • Q2CTF-style "id" command
  • It is highlighted on scoreboard
  • Improved HUD for It
  • Includes ServObit 1.41 and GenderMod 0.2 - more powerful obits that reflect the gender of the model the player is using.
  • Player can disable message-of-the-day with F1 or TAB
  • SPAWN_FURTHEST flag spawns players away from It
  • Other stuff I forget but will be apparent to Tag fans
Download it from the mods section.
Viking 0.97bby Mr. Baldy
Another new BETA version whose new features include Eraser v0.92 support, new spectator modes, item banning, and more...Get it in the mods section.
Gibstats II v1.8by Mr. Baldy
For this version, the new fixes and features:
  • new 3D and 2D graphs
  • dialog to read in logs
  • speed increase reading client logs of up to 400%
  • graphs now display only top x players if selected
  • graph display speeded up
  • "maxfilesize"-bug eliminated
  • config file not found bug eliminated
  • a weapon chosen for table or graph display remains selected after new map is chosen
  • option settings are stored seperately for each database
  • skill calculation has been changed: less skill for a frag, more reflecting the true strength of the player
  • many bugs and features
Download it from the frontends section.
New QuickStartby Mr. Baldy
A new version has been released with its usual ton of features...A new poll is going on for which frontend will be the official one, with the Eraser FINAL. Go to the Bot Epidemic to vote...Ir download the frontend from the, you guessed, the frontends section.
Qoole v2.45by Mr. Baldy
New to this version...HeXen 2 support!...Download from the editing section.
Quake-o-Matic v.92by Mr. Baldy
New fixes and features for this new frontend:
made pop up help
CDDIR switch added
made cool buttons
it's now possible to choose a different background picture
finally finished Quake 2 skin support
made a model preview/included external programm by Trey Harrison (
included assistand - paQbot 1.0 - It helps you compress the MODs and Maps the right way!
Download it from the frontends section.
EFEby Mr. Baldy
Another frontend update:
  • EFE will now save your team and bot teams
  • EFE will now save your selected bots
  • Recent file list
  • Option to hide the command line all together
  • Redesigned interface so that I can more easily add in new options
  • Support for the "bot_tarzan" command
  • Support for the "mapmod_random" command
  • Option to load and save presets
Download it from the frontends section.
Stroggos Gone Mad v1.1by Mr. Baldy
A bunch of new features and fixes...Download from the mods section.
          Daily News:
          Eraser v.99
          TagYerIt 1.15 Beta 5
          Viking 0.97b
          Gibstats II v1.8
          Qoole v2.45
          Quake-o-Matic v.92
          SGM v1.1
      New QuickStart

  3.2.98 4:05 PM   (Taiwan Time)


Bad Newsby Mr. Baldy
Arrgghh!!! The day after I updated last (that would be 2.27.98), my somputer crashed when I tried to install some video drivers. The brilliant readme gave me some bogus installation instructions, and there went my computer. The whole windows folder had to be replaced, thus resulting in the reinstallation of every program and DRIVER on my computer. Well, my modem still doesn't work, so I am using the modem on my laptop to access the web and upload my files. Lot of updating to do, but I am back online...I just realized it, but school is over in a month. I just went to a lock-in, and played Quake 2 and StarCraft over a fast LAN almost all night! Pretty cool! I don't know what everyone says, but Zergs make me sick, and Terrans are the best!
FreezeTag Modby Mr. Baldy
Here's what I picked up from the Freeze Tag page:
Kill someone to freeze them. Freeze all members on an enemy team and a point is awarded. Unfreeze your team members by standing next to them for 3 seconds. Pull enemy bodies by walking over them and they will drag behind you indicated by lightning icon at bottom right of screen. Your team icon will always be on the left. The numbers on the left of the team icons indicate total team points. The numbers on the right indicate number of people left alive. "id" will turn on identification display. "team blue" or "team red" will change teams. You cannot change teams or kill yourself when frozen. You will be unfrozen after 3 minutes have passed or a friend has freed you.
Get it in the mods section.
Desktop Themeby Mr. Baldy
A new theme for all those Microsoft PLUS! the Windows files section.
LAN Watcherby Mr. Baldy
Here's what I picked up from their page:
"Quake 2 Peek" [Q2P], is a windows 95 system tray utility for watching Quake 2 Servers on Local Area Networks. On special events the Q2P icon changes color and Q2P can be configured to pop up a server list, play a selected sound or even launch Quake 2. When the mouse cursor is over the icon you can see how many hosts there are running and how many players there are fraggin'. Right clicking on the icon pops up a menu with all running servers and the number of players connected. If you click on a server you will launch Quake 2 and connect to that server.
Get it in the Windows files section.
Stroggs Gone Mad Routesby Mr. Baldy
A file has been released for the routes for id's first nine maps...get it in the mods section, along with SGM.
Quake-o-Maticby Mr. Baldy
Here's what I picked up from their page:
Quake-O-Matic is a launch program for ID's Quake 1 and 2. Its main propose is to make those many MODs, TCs, PCs, Addons, Patches or what ever you call them easy to implend. It can also install maps and there are some switches to customize your game. And it supports QuakeWorld skins and (will support) Quake 2 models n skins. Quake-O-Matic also supports the use of more then one Quake-configuration. (autoexec.cfg, config.cfg and all the cfgs and stuff you use in your configuration) And, by the way, its the coolest looking Quake 1&2 launcher on our planet!
Get it in the frontends section.
Quake-o-Maticby Mr. Baldy
Again, another huge update:
New Features

1) Added "mute" and "unmute" commands. The "mute" command allows you to mute a player so that you will not get any typed messages or radio messages from them. The "unmute" command will allow you to hear the player again. You can have up to 3 people muted at once.
2) Nurse can now poison a player using the blaster. When a Nurse has poison active it will cause the blaster to shoot poison blasts. These blasts have a green trail so you can easily tell the Nurse is shooting poison. Each poison blast costs 5 cells. When hit by a poison blast, you will be hurt the same as normal blaster fire and you will become disoriented for 5 seconds.
3) It now requires 50 health before the Berzerker can rage instead of just 30
4) Lowered number of active proximity grenades and detpipes to 6 instead of 8
5) Streamlined more code to improve performance
6) You can now see the number of promotion points for your team on the "mystatus" screen next to your level
7) Captain will now always be the same level as the lowest player on his/her team. The Captain's rank will change dynamically. For example, if someone new joins then his/her rank will drop to 0 until that person is promoted. If everyone is at level 2 except for one person at level 1. Then that level 1 person destroys the enemy promotion key and gets promoted to level 2, the Captain will also be promoted to level 2 since none of the players are lower than level 2. The Captain's level is checked every ten seconds so the change may not happen instantly.
8) Infiltrator Disguise skill has been moved to a Level 2 skill and the skill to open enemy doors and use enemy triggers has been moved to a Level 3 skill
9) Either the Men or Women must have a score of at least 10 points before a new map can be voted on. This will prevent people from voting on maps immediately after a new one has been loaded.
10) The class of the player is now displayed in the promotion menu
11) The Bodyguard Decoy command now deploys a decoy promotion key. The key looks the same as the Captain's promotion key except it will explode when touched by the enemy. The Bodyguard can only have one decoy promo key deployed at once. It will last 60 seconds before self destructing. It will also self destruct if the Bodyguard that deployed the decoy dies. Similar to proximity grenades, the decoy promo key will also explode if your teammates touch it. However, it will not hurt them.

Bug Fixes

1) Turrets work again! Turrets no longer kill you and you can leave the turret by moving backwards and pressing a key bound to "exitturret", otherwise you will automatically be stopped from using the turret when you run out of rockets. To check out some turrets play on the Low G BotS map or Jail1.
2) First cut at fixing flash grenade cheat
3) Enabled code to prevent scoring on all maps when teams are unfair. If "fairteams" server variable is set to "1".
4) Ending scoreboard should be fixed
5) Miscellaneous bug fixes
6) Temporary fix to prevent sky texture from mirroring in Low G BotS

Servers, download it in the class mods section.
EFEby Mr. Baldy
New to this release are a few bug fixes, and the ability to create a log file...Get it in the frontends section.
LMCTF v3.18by Mr. Baldy
A new server version...Get it in the CTF section.
Lithium Finalby Mr. Baldy
Here's what I picked up from their page:
Most notably, added adjustable chasecam, added some minor features, fixed VWep lastmessage error, and fixed many other small bugs. Extensive testing was done prior to this final release. My thanks to all the server admins who tested the v1.00 release candidates.

A few of the future planned features (no guarantees!) include: teamplay options, competition modes, CTF II support, eraser bots, and a quick weapon switching option. Many other things I can't think of at this hour. There's plenty to be done yet. For now we have a good stable v1.00.

Get it in the mods section.
Disposable Heroesby Mr. Baldy
A demo for the upcoming demo pack, Disposable Heroes, has been released. It includes 3 maps, and a nuclear free version of the Quake 2 version of MAD...Get it in the Windows files section.
          Daily News:
          Bad News
          FreezeTag Mod
          Eraser v.97
          Desktop Theme
          LAN Watcher
          SGM Routes
          BoTS v2.9.5 Server
          DM Manager v2.1
          LMCTF v3.18
          Lithium Final
          Disposable Heroes

  2.26.98 7:07 PM   (Taiwan Time)


Page updatingby Mr. Baldy
Well, I changed just about everything. The news section has changed, but for the better, and I created a cool background image for the left frame, along with some font size changes, so there would be no scrolling. I have been working on the files' sections, and I have made the existing updated pages better: demos, sounds, and female skins. Now, their color scheme matches the rest of the page's. Since there is no logo at the top anymore, I decided to put it at the top of the newly updated sections, since some people worked so hard on them. Sorry if you don't use a resolution less than 1024x768x24, but that is how I think all computers should be, or higher. Be sure to read the note at the upper-left before asking me questions! Boy, if you are interested in designing your page like this, be sure to be willing to invest hours of coding to get it to work the way you want!
Frontendsby Mr. Baldy
More and more frontends...
  • QuickStart v1.56 - Speeded up PAK file reading and more accurate, fixed bugs, and added MOVE UP and MOVE DOWN in the map list.
  • Q2 Executor - The Quake2 Executor is a front-end utility for Quake2 to tweak and setup the OpenGL renderer(s) for speed enhancements, and turn on/off the special effects. Quake2 Executor also allows the user to edit his/her config before entering Quake2, setup and run dedicated/listen servers, and correctly run any mods/mission packs with ease.
Get them both in guess it...the frontends section.
          Daily News:
          Page updating

  2.26.98 1:16 PM   (Taiwan Time)


Stroggs Gone Mad v1.0by Mr. Baldy
A mod which lets the monsters act more like real people in their attempt to kill you. This is a really cool mod. Monsters are now smarter, with the ability to learn the map, and hunt you down, hear you pick up items, can use user-created route files, Stroggs call for help, all the different monsters have new fighting abilities such as strafing, jumping across ledges, and more, rocket-shooters, shoot toward the ground, some swim in water, a scanner, and support for VWep when using COOP. I suggest you get this mod! It is in the mods section.
Map Converterby Mr. Baldy
Here's some new info about this program that I got off their page:
q2map is a quake utilitiy designed for converting quake1 map files to quake2 map files. Similar to the m2m program, but this one works ;) . It works by doing less checking on if its a vailed map or not, since m2m failed on maps that qbsp3 qrad3 and qvis3 worked fine on. q2map uses a textures.txt file that lists quake1 textures and quake2 textures pairs, this can be changed to suit the user. For entities a ents.txt file is used, with a similar format to the textures.txt file.
Download it from the editing section.
New Frontendsby Mr. Baldy
With the release of CRBot v1.14 and others, many frontends have been updated, and some new ones have emerged also:
  • Bot Commander v.91 - support for v1.14 of CRBot, dedicated server support, a map list editor, a number of small bug fixes, and more.
  • Botster v2.0b3 - CRBot and Eraserbot support
  • BotJohnny v1.31 - A new version
  • BgBot Launcher - New launcher for Eraserbot v.95
  • EasyStarter - New launcher for Eraser v.95
  • GibStats v1.7 - new and enhanced HTML output features and a few bugs killed, especially overflow bug concerning large logs.
You can get them all in the frontends section.
New Newsby Mr. Baldy
Well, the old design seemed crappy after a while, and this makes it all look so much better. Also, don't forget if I contacted you about helping with this page to send in those reviews!
          Daily News:
          Stroggs Gone Mad v1.0
          Map Converter
          New Frontends
          NIQ Mods
          New News



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