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Quake 2 File House

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Class Mods

Battle of
the Sexes v2.9.5
?Boy this would be fun as a tournament with this mod. By the way, it gives different characteristics to men and women characters like jumping higher, etc., to see who is actually better, men or women characters in Quake 2! If you want more info, check out the whole manual...You can find more info here...Or if you want the SERVER version, click here(833kb)
?Superheroes is a mod where there is a type of class, but more like different characters with different powers
Fields of War
?Fields of War is a class based mod for Quake 2. It is similar in some respects to the famous Team Fortress developed for Quake 1. Map development for Fields of War includes 3 different goals with different variations for each. This gives it some flexibility without the complexity that Team Fortress map creating imposed. The goals include traditional CTF, single flag CTF, and King of the Hill.
CryHavoc Mod?A mod where different classes get different skills, sort of like TeamFortress, or Battle of the Sexes...Or grab the client here Check out here for more information.

If you know of any class mods that I have not included on this page, please e-mail it to me if it is 100kb or less. If it is above 100kb, please tell me the location where I can get it. Please, in the e-mail, tell me the name of the file, the exact size, and any other information I should know about it.


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