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Quake 2 File House

The place to look for Quake 2 files


Frontend v2.9
258kbA really good Eraser frontend, which has features like support for CTF_AUTO_TEAMS, detection of skins and models on your system, manually edit the command line, full editing of chat.txt, specify other executable than quake2.exe, full editing of maps.txt, can close EFE on launch, full editing of bots.cfg, spawn bots by name, teamplay support, specify client tag, better interface, save settings each time you close EFE, specify Q2 directory, specify map, specify time limit, specify time limit, specify max clients, set players per team, all DM and CTF flags, number of bots to spawn, VWep, client commands, dynamic node creation, bot autoskill, bot skill.
Quake-o-Matic v.92?Quake-O-Matic is a launch program for ID's Quake 1 and 2. Its main propose is to make those many MODs, TCs, PCs, Addons, Patches or what ever you call them easy to implend. It can also install maps and there are some switches to customize your game. And it supports QuakeWorld skins and (will support) Quake 2 models n skins. Quake-O-Matic also supports the use of more then one Quake-configuration. (autoexec.cfg, config.cfg and all the cfgs and stuff you use in your configuration) And, by the way, its the coolest looking Quake 1&2 launcher on our planet!
954kbAnother Eraserbot frontend...A really good program to start up a game with the Eraserbot your way...For this, you will need these required files(2.6mb)...You will also need this, put it in your /windows/system directory, and then put this in you quickstart directory and
This file needs to be registered within Windows95. Type: REGSVR32.EXE "QUICKSTARTPATH\QSGraphics.dll" Example: REGSVR32.EXE "C:\PROGRAM FILES\QUICK START\QSGraphics.dll" Then everything should work fine. Thanks for Canon on that help. This will be removed and placed in the file when the graphics are done.
GibStats II v1.8400kbGibStats is a Quake I and Quake II Log Analyzer. You can display matches as graphs, player/player matrix (doom style), ranking, direct player vs player compare, single player analysis, highscore summary, clan tables and CTF team score tables. All these displays can be sorted (ascending and descending) by kills, deaths, frags, suicides, skill, efficiency, relative frags, maps played and all CTF scores. The data to be displayed can be limited to a map, a set of maps (game), all maps, the last x, kills, the last x maps or one specific map name. Data may also be exported to HTML. The individual player data may be searched with via CGI Client. All data except the scores is editable. Reading, analysing, exporting and storing logs/ databases can be automated...Here's the update to v1.8.
Q2 Executor?The Quake2 Executor is a front-end utility for Quake2 to tweak and setup the OpenGL renderer(s) for speed enhancements, and turn on/off the special effects. Quake2 Executor also allows the user to edit his/her config before entering Quake2, setup and run dedicated/listen servers, and correctly run any mods/mission packs with ease.
EasyStarter?A new bot launcher that supports Eraser v.95
?A new bot launcher that supports Eraser v.95
BotJohnny v1.312.3mbBotJohnny is a Windows95 based front-end launcher designed specifically for the Eraser Bot. However, it's flexible design means that it should be useable with any bot...Features include edit the bot's skins, and attributes, edit map order, edit teams, edit bot chat, edit CTF teams, customizable command-line and launcher config files, multiple profiles, easily edit config files, wizard for autoexec file, add own options, support for all DM flags, sounds for specific models, good interface, and more...NOTE: if you have alreasy installed that, download the smaller version(296kb)
Botster v2b33.3mbBotster is a useful utility for spawning Quake 2 bots with great ease. In case you don't know, bots are "mods" for Quake2, just like CTF or Rocket Arena. Instead of changing gameplay, these bot mods add an intelligent deathmatch enemey designed to simulate a real player. If you have a slow internet connection, need more practice before the big match, or need to test a level, bots can be very useful. One problem with bots is that there tends to be a number of variables that need to be setup prior to game play. That is where Botster comes in. Botster does everything except play for you. Currently it only supports Eraser v0.82. Very soon now, CRBot support will be added. Check the Botster News button in the program for updates...NOTE: This is only the patch, and you will need to get the upgrade(243kb)
238kbBot Commander is a bot launcher. That means it is a utility program for Id Software's famous Quake2, and its major function is to help you set up your bots for a thrilling deathmatch. Bot Commander mainly supports Mike Malakhov's excellent CR Bot, but will also cater the fans of Eraserbot. Of course, you can use Bot Commander just for setting up a simple Deathmatch or CTF game, if you don't want to use any bot. Features include: Full support for setting up Quake2 deathmatches, The *BEST* CR Bot support around! It supports everything CR Bot supports, You can completely control all aspects of you bots. Skins, skills etc. Automatic naming of your bots, based on skin or model. Of course, you can always assign your own names. Easy selection of your favourite gamemap. Overall easy-of-use. Just a few clicks, and you fragfest can begin!
360kbA frontend for the will need these files(2mb)
254kbThe only know 3ZB Bot frontend will need these files(2mb)
Starter v.58b
480kbQuakestarter is created for starting Q1 and Q2 with all the mods, bots, and TC's easily...
4mbA frontend that will let you have CTF or DM the way you want it, with custom sounds, death messages, and a ton of other cool features.
AutoBot243kbA bot frontend that lets you run CRBot, Eraserbot, Stupid Bot, SecantBot, Oak Bot, ACE Bot, and FamkeBot...The AutoBot for AceBot, AutoBot for AssassinBot, AutoBot for OakBot.
EZ Server?A really good program that lets you define a ton of variables in the game and set map lists and MOTD...I must get!
980kbA new frontend that can handle 7 types of play: Singleplayer, Deathmatch, Cooperative, Threewave CTF, viewing demos, Superheroes 2, and King of the Hill mods...I suggest this is a great deal, but it needs a little work...View the README for all the latest info.
Hot Launch
71kbAn Eraserbot Frontend...If you haven't tried HotLaunch, and I suggest you do, get the full install here and then update with the patch to the left
2.1mbThe Famous Quake Frontend supporting the Helping Head. This version has Quake2 Support and is a great utility to make your life a bit easier ;).
764kbTectonic is a 'front end' or 'launcher' for Quake2. It saves you from need to type loads of commands into console and go through the Quake2 menu's to get the game going the way you want it to. It was original designed to make it easy for me to set up, and connect to, a server for LAN games. It is also extremely useful when trying out new maps and patches, either ones you've just created or downloaded.You can easily set up a Quake2 deathmatch using a simple yet effective interface. As well as being able to selected what patch, if any, you want to run you can also set up many options specific to that patch...You will need this .ddl (685kb) in your system file to use Tetonic, you must have resolution 1024x768 or whatever, to use it, and if you have a previous version, get the patch (77kb)...Also, for the newest versions of Tetonic you will need the file FM20.dll. If you have it, great, but if not, you can get it here.(?)
?A frontend to load up models and skins in md2view...I don't think it necessary, but whatever floats the authors boat!
180kbA frontend to use multiple mods at once I guess through a frontend...NOT YET WORKING!
Bot Launch
65kbA new bot frontend with only CRBot and Eraserbot support
Q2 Launcher38kbThe first Quake 2 front end, but not much is told about it, except you have to have a display setting of at least 1024x768 to use it correctly...But first, you need the execultable, as the download is just a patch...Here it is (448kb)
Eraser Launch1.4mbThe cool frontend for launching a game with the Eraser bot, but with your own configurations...Or get the update patch here (16kb)

If you know of any frontends that I have not included on this page, please e-mail it to me if it is 100kb or less. If it is above 100kb, please tell me the location where I can get it. Please, in the e-mail, tell me the name of the file, the exact size, and any other information I should know about it.


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