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Quake 2 File House

The place to look for Quake 2 files


Eraser Bot v.991.3mbA bot which has come a ong way, with even teamplay options, but you need Millenium's colored skin pack for that, and some other cool features, and bug fixes. No, this is not the version with the virus...Get the newest patch for it (200kb)...The SOURCE(300kb)
DroneBot?A new bot whose features includes full client emulation, no more useless monster code, vision-oriented attack mode, doesn't know your exact location, uses some models and skins, menu system, corner avoidance, no routing tables (uses vision), bot chatting, BotCam (new!), scanner, grappling hook, and shoots down rockets (but still an awesome shot!)
C.R.Bot v1.14190kbThe best bot out, I think, with the ability to find items he needs like health, armor, etc. and the ability to find and use the RL. Now can also jump and use GL...And now the bot won't crash the game...UPDATED! As always with some new bugfixes and improvements...Now, can Rocket Jump!...Now can use BFG, and climb ladders...NOT WITH CTF SUPPORT!
438kbA pretty new bot with some good technique and other skills
ACE & Oak
II Bot
664kbWhat could be the best set of bots...with the ability to play against both of them. They both have different tactics, etc. which make the game much more fun.
FamkeBot v5?First bot out but has some problems and bugs to work out

If you know of any bots that I have not included on this page, please e-mail it to me if it is 100kb or less. If it is above 100kb, please tell me the location where I can get it. Please, in the e-mail, tell me the name of the file, the exact size, and any other information I should know about it.


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