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Friday, March 27, 1998

Rugby Sevens Day 1
Woohoo!!! The famous Rugby Sevens has started today and I was able to get some good seats! Action was pretty slow since it was just preliminary rounds. Tomorrow, the rest of the prelim games will be played, and spots in the POOLs will be determined. Here are the scores from today:

Team 1  Team 2ScoreComments
New Zealand  Singapore59 - 0New Zealand was on top of their game, but there were some dropped ball problems

Australia  Sri Lanka59 - 0Sri Lanka wasn't much of a match, but the Aussie's played not real well

South Africa  Thailand51 - 7Not much of a game, but the Thai's gave some action sometimes. They were able to utilize the kicks to their advantage, and eventually, get one it

France  Malaysia49 - 7Everyone booed France the whole time, but they still kicked some ass, although Malaysia managed to get in one legitimate TRY off a nice pinch play

Fiji  Chinese Taipei61 - 0Fiji is GOOD! And so tall, they could reach over anyone!

Samoa  China69 - 0China's team need some help, but Samoa is pretty good

Korea  United States10 - 5Whoah! The US's team is pretty poor, with not many skills

Hong Kong  Japan34 - 7Hong Kong came through for a home crowd against a good team

Spain  Netherlands38 - 5They were pretty closely matched teams, but Spain pulled ahead late

Canada  Zimbabwe40 -0Zimbabwe's game was pretty poor, but Canada came ready with a good team

Argentina  Papua New Guinea33 - 12Relatively close game...closely matched teams

Tonga  Morocco26 - 0Not much action till the second half, where Tonga stepped it up a level

For those of you who do not know what the Rugby Sevens are, they are a very important and publicized rugby tournament in Hong Kong, with 15 minute games, and the works. It, in the end, turns out to be a big party with lots of smoking, beer, singing, and just plain awesome RUGBY!

Page Fixed!
Finally, after ton of time working on finding the problem, I have fixed the problem with loading this page in Netscape4. I hope this will bring people back to my page. Also, my old counter was not very accurate, and had some problems, so, thanks to Acid, I got a new counter, and I moved it to the top of the page, to be more accurate.

Tetonic v.94
A new version of Tetonic was released to stay up with Eraser and CRBot's new features....Check it out in the frontends section.

Botster v1.8
Here's some stuff I picked up from the Botster page:

Check it out in the frontends section.

Weapons Factory CTF v1.06
Here is some stuff I picked up from the Weapons Factory page about the new version. NOTE: There was a really minor bug in the respawn time, so version 1.06a has been released instead of the v1.06:

Check it out in the weapons mods section.

HighScore v.3
Again, here is some stuff that I picked up from the HighScore page:

Check it out in the mods section.

Exxtreme Pak
A new "mod" that has a bunch of stuff for what any Quake2er could want...Check it out in the mods section.

Fields of War 0.7
Not much to say...another release and a few new features and bugfixes,..Check it out in the class mods section.

QStat Patch
Here is a small patch fixing the Windows95/NT templates bug...Check it out in the serverstats section.

Wednesday, March 25, 1998

Battle of the Sexes v2.8.3
A bunch of new fixes...

New Features

1) Level 3 Soldier split rockets now fire at the normal rate instead of rapid fire. Rapid fire split rockets were causing major lag.
2) Level 3 Berzerker damage is still doubled and the rate of fire has been increased slightly
3) Map voting has been improved to use the menu system. The VOTE.LST file can now contain up to 17 maps to vote on as well.
4) Added "killmenu" command that will always remove any active menu on the screen. This is bound to the [BACKSPACE] key by default.
5) Added 3.14 security measures: * password server variable to allow for a private server. By default, this is blanked when a server is first started. To set the password type 'set password "whatever"' in the server console. Now in order to access the server, the client must also type 'set password "whatever"' in their console. * IP banning. Using the "banned.lst" file located in the Quake2 root directory, you can now ban IPs from accessing your server. Just list each IP you want to ban on a separate line in the "banned.lst" text file.
6) Kamikazee apocalypse will now kill teammates too
7) If a player drops below zero frags they are demoted to Level 0 and cannot be promoted again until they get back into positive frags. Kamikazees with a negative frag count cannot use Apocalypse.
8) When you kill the enemy Captain, in addition to your team getting 10 points (if you have a Captain on your team too), your team also gets a promotion point.
9) The infiltrator does not make any splash noises when entering or exiting water
10) You can now properly set the server variables for team names and have them display in the game. For example, you can Change "Women" to "Chicks" or "Men" to "Boneheads". Remember, in a 2 team game the 1st team is always Female and the 2nd team is always male.
11) You cannot be demoted by someone with a Quad Damage or Invincible (including Berzerker rage)
12) New "impeach" command allows you to vote to remove your captain. it must be a unanimous decision. Meaning, everyone on the team other than the Captain must type "impeach" in the console.
13) Added "modversion" command to tell what version of Battle of the Sexes you are playing
14) Using CTF enhanced scoreboard
15) Exploding grenades will now cause nearby grenades to explode also.
16) Bodyguard lasers must cool down. For example, if a laser is left on for 5 seconds, it must cool down when turned off for 5 seconds before it can be turned on again. There is a minimum of a 2 second cool down period.

Bug Fixes

1) Kamikazee can pick up cells again to use for grapple
2) Many other minor bug fixes

Check it out in the class mods section.

Here's what I picked up from the ServerConfigMod page:

Another late night, but it was sure worth it. I spent a lot of time fixing some bugs and better enchancing ServerConfigMOD. Now you can load the config.txt and cycle.txt file via the command line (or by a .cfg file). This allows admins to run multiple servers on the same machine, customize the names of their configuration files and the paths to them! I have also implemented the new source from the VWeap Patch, which eliminates the lastframe errors clients were seeing when the admin enables VWeap support. There was a bug in PR1 that allowed spectators to drop items and weapons, needless to say this has been FIXED! I also fixed some other code, so the PR2 should be close to what the final will look like!

Check it out in the mods section.

Another ServerStats utility like GameSpy that is almost exactly the same with support for all the different games like Hexen, Hexen II, Quake, and Quake2...Check it out in the serverstats section.

Eraser FrontEnd
Another new version of this Eraserbot Frontend...Check it out in the frontends section.

Tuesday, March 24, 1998

Tangetial 1.5
Here is a mod author that is trying to make a mod with everything every wanted in a Quake 2 mod. These features include:

Double blaster

This is a minor modification to your standard blaster. Instead of shooting one projectile at a time, you shoot two, side by side. Each one does half the normal damage.

Bouncy blaster projectile

The projectile coming from blaster weapons (standard blaster and hyperblaster) becomes bouncy against walls and other architectural objects. The projectile will keep reflecting off walls for two seconds or until it hit something that can be damaged. This modification adds a whole new meaning to "shoot around the corner".

Grappling Hook

The grappling hook is an add-on to your already impressive range of arsenals. It is available at all times by the press of a key. A lot of people have tried to do a hook, but none has come close to this. Once you fire this tool, the head will fly straight ahead until it hits something. If it hit the sky, it will disappear. You cannot hang from the sky now... can you? If the head hits a map structure, and the key is depressed, your entire body will be reeled in. Once you are hooked, you can adjust the length of the chain to your liking. You are completely free to use and switch your main weapon at will. The hook acts like a secondary weapon too, causing damage to your opponents! It is a big mystery as to why the grappling hook is not a standard weapon. Hello id??

If you have any suggestion to enhance the grappling hook, please contact the original author, Bort. You can visit his web page by going here.

Message Of The Day

By modifying a text file "MOTD.txt", you can greet your players with a customized message when they connect to your server. This is useful for letting people know about the server they are joining. It also addes a small personal touch to the atmosphere.

Gun Scope

If you are a sniper, then you will love this tool. By the press of a key, your vision is greatly enhanced, at the expense of a smaller field of vision. Objects from far away will now appear bigger and, thus, easier to hit with your trusty rail gun. Oh yeah. Just do not run around with the gun scope on. Even if you do not snipe, you will want to use it as your opponents will be using it on you.

Flash Grenade

The flash grenade is a modification to regular hand grenades. Instead of causing harm to your opponents (and possibly you), the flash grenade blinds the victim by making the screen totally white for 3 seconds. The screen gradually fades back to normal level of lighting, if the victim is lucky enough to survive that long. :) The thrower does not get blinded and this is where the strategic advantage comes in. It is a great weapon if you know how to use it effectively.


The SecantBot is a computer-controlled deathmatch opponent. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes over the user-input from a keyboard/mouse/joystick and pretends to be a human player. What does this mean? Well, several things. If you would like to practise your deathmatching skills, the SecantBot is a wonderful tool to do just that. You can adjust the difficulty level of the AI to match your skills (or not). If you are constantly frustrated by the insanely high pings you get from Internet Quake II servers, you can start your own, put some SecantBot's in the game, and play with no lag! As the AI improves (in future versions), so will you! For more information about SecantBot, check out the SecantBot Page. There is actually a sub-culture formed on the premise of "Quake Botting". Check out some of the bot links.

Visible Weapon patch

Have you ever wondered what weapon your opponent is using against you? If so, you will absolutely love this patch. It allows you to see on screen what the other guy is using as the current weapon. You have to see it in action to understand the implication of this excellent patch, by Hentai. You must download and put it in your baseq2 directory for it to work. If you already have this PAK file, then there is no need to.

Chase Camera

If you played Duke Dukem 3D (and who has not?), then you know that it offered a third-person view. But it looked kind of strange, with the 2.5D game engine. Fear not, with the Quake II 3D game egine, a true chase camera is now possible! This little gadget follows you around like a loyal servant. It keeps a fixed distance between your view on screen and the back of your player model. You do not know what I am talking about? Well, then, fire up Tangential and give it a spin! What are you waiting for?

Whew! That is a lot of stuff, but good luck to the author trying to get everything I would like into one mod! Check it out in the mods section.

WoD v5.0
This mod is just like the name. Sorry for not having it before. Even though I put a lot of information of mods on my page, there is too much for this mod. If you want to know what it is about, go here...Check it out in the weapons mods section.

Viking v.75
A new version to make multiplayer playing better...Check it out in the mods section.

New VWep
The last bug-free fix for VWep has been released, for the v3.14 source at least. This has been one of the most downloaded mods in the world, I bet...Check it out in the mods section.

CRBot v1.06
With all the new fixes, CTF is still not one of them sadly enough. Here are the others though:

Check it out in the bots section.

New Page By Me
After working on this page for a while, I have gotten a plan for doing it much faster so I will not have as much work to do. I have also gotten pretty bored with it, and I wanted to have another page on another topic instead of with the same page. I have created a page back at my old home at It is a page completely about Quake 2 polling, voting, and an article and editorials page. I will tell about voting topics and contests, and even host some of my own. Also, people can send in editorials and articles for the page. Also, I will search the Internet for Quake2-related articles. Please go there!

Sunday, March 22, 1998

Font Pack
Getting bored at home, I decided to make a font pack. There are all together 41 fonts including different styles of the same font. The font pack is 959kb and it is designed mainly for people looking to create pictures and such. I tried implementing some of them onto this page, but with limited success. I may, in the future, try to include some of those fonts onto this page...Check it out in the Windows files section.

Tag-Yer-It v1.14
A new version from Two Pole with changes like includes updated configuration files, more obvious notification when a player becomes It, a new version of ServObit, other enhancements, and some small bug fixes...Check it out in the mods section.

PureDM v3.0
From the 2.6 version to v3.0, there are a few changes:

   *Map Cycling system added, normal or random with no repeat, change on the fly.
   *GibStats standard frag logging added, use Gibstats or QuakeWorld style, or both.
   *Modifed Vwep code to stop the frame/cull errors all Vwep mods have.

Check it out in the mods section.

Eraserbot Frontend v1.3
I have never heard of this frontend, but it seems that there are a million frontends out that are directed to EraserBot. Here is some info I picked up from their page:

Current features include:

Planned features:

Check it out in the frontends section.

Saturday, March 21, 1998

A Bunch of Stuff
There have been zero editorials sent to I have decided to give up on the editorials section. I don't really know why I made it anyway. Don't get me wrong though. I love to read editorials, so if you have an editorial, you can still send it to me through e-mail, and I'll post it on the page. Also, a small change in fonts for the page, as you can probable see. I have also gotten messages saying that Netscape users can't view my page. I have no idea why. A QuestGate HTML is going to fix it, but hasn't gotten around to it yet. I hope it will soon work. I have also written an editorial to the mailbag. I will have it posted for others to view. It is just my views on the announcement of Quake3.

GibStats v1.6
A new version of the Quake2 game analizer with new features including speed enhancements, fixed some bugs, and has a better user interface...Check it out in the server stats section.

I saw on the Sentinel that a new version of the AutoBot has been released with support for the newest bot releases such as EraserBot v0.85, CRBot v1.05, SecantBot v1.45, OakBot v0.22, AceBot v0.06, StupidBot v1.0, FamkeBot 3.5, and a whole bunch more...Check it out in the frontends section.

Weapons Factory v1.05
I also saw on The Sentinel that the Weapons Factory mod has reached version 1.05 with these changes:

Check it out in the weapons mods section.

Friday, March 20, 1998

Hot Launch Patch
The patch for the HotLaunch Frontend to upgrade it to Eraserbot v.85 and other stuff...Here is some stuff I found on the page:

Ok, here it is. Support for the new Eraser bot .85 and a couple of fixes and tweaks. Download the newest one from the downloads page. As usual, be patient - it takes a few to mirror the file. It should be available at the cdrom link in at the turn of the hour or so. Chat edit isn't in this one. I need to test it first, but the code is done.

Check it out in the frontends section.

QERadiant Build 048
A new version with some bugfixes, like with the light moving when changing maps...Check it out in the editing section.

Eraser Bot v0.85
There have been a variety of changes:

This should fix most of the remaining (serious) problems. Please remember that I am not currently able to devote much time to this, so I therefore am not able to implement all the things people are asking for. I am also unable to respond to a lot of email these days, so if you've sent an email lately that hasn't got a response, this doesn't mean I haven't read it, probably that I just didn't have the time to reply. I do listen to suggestions, but have to maintain a priority list so that the important things get done first.

Here what's changed:
More CTF AI tweaks
Fixed dedicated server crash (HACK!)
Fixed friendly fire during normal TEAMPLAY
Teams disbanded when changing maps (normal teamplay)
Enabled Grapple only when bot_calc_nodes = 0
Added [view models] section to bots.cfg, for View Weapons expandability
Added bot_chat 0/1 toggle
Added "disperse" teamplay command

Check it out in the bots section.

CRBot v1.05
Since the release of the VWep patch, more mods have been updating with support. Now here's a bot with the VWep support...Check it out in the bots section.

ServerConfigMod v2.0
A release for the mod which changes a bunch of server variables and such to make Quake 2 act the way you want it. Here is some stuff I picked up from their page:

Weapon banning
Visible Weapons Patch*
Enchanced HUD
Fraglogging (standard QW style for now, full CTF support later)
Map cycling (DM version only)
Rule added entitled "MOD" with value of "ServerConfigMOD v2.0" for easy filtering in GameSpy!

Check it out in the mods section.

Lithium 2 v.93
For those who missed the description before, or if I did not give one, here is the explanation on the page:

And here are the recent bugfixes and new features:

New features include VWep support, player ID command, and ammo HUD. Added configurable rune sounds and fall damage. Includes a binary for Solaris now. See history.txt for a complete list of changes.

Check it out in the mods section.

The Mod Formerly Known As Hud+Vote


Botster v1.5

Here is some stuff I picked up form the Bolster page:

Botster is a useful utility for spawning Quake 2 bots with great ease. In case you don't know, bots are "mods" for Quake2, just like CTF or Rocket Arena. Instead of changing gameplay, these bot mods add an intelligent deathmatch enemey designed to simulate a real player. If you have a slow internet connection, need more practice before the big match, or need to test a level, bots can be very useful. One problem with bots is that there tends to be a number of variables that need to be setup prior to game play. That is where Botster comes in. Botster does everything except play for you. Currently it only supports Eraser v0.82. Very soon now, CRBot support will be added. Check the Botster News button in the program for updates.

And here and the most recent updates:

Check it out in the frontends section.

SuperHero Skin Pack
A new skin pack for the SuperHeroes Mod...Check it out in the skin packs section.

QuArK v5.0a2
Another release for the ever popular Quake Army Knife...see details here...Or check it out in the editing section.

If you have some maps, skins, mods, etc., please e-mail them to me if they are 100kb or less with their name, description, author, etc. If they are above 100kb, tell me the address they are located on and I will make a link to them at my page.

This page is best viewed in 1024x768, but is ok in any setting smaller, but no bigger. Also, I recommend at least a 17" monitor when viewing this page.

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