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Subject: Re: Quake3

Some comments on the plan for Quake3...
It seems to me that Quake3 would just be a major upgrade for Quake2, and it would almost seem better to either have customers buy a patch to create the version 4.0 or whatnot.  Also, though, I think Quake 3 could bring back some respect to id.  I think that Quake 2 was a downfall for some part for id.  There have been many complaints about gameplay, framerates, ease to complete the game, and many other things.  Quake 3 could be a chance to revive id, and bring back more Quake 1 enthusiasts and Quake 2 haters, to think highly of id.  If id wants to release Quake 3, they need to listen to some feedback about gameplay for Quake 2 to make the game likeable by everyone, not just a small amount of people.  Also, id should spend more time before releasing Quake 3 on the market (If it ever gets accomplished), to get the bugs worked out of it.  I have had a pain of a time downloading new patched every day, and I am sure many are also.  One important tip...VWep needs to be included.  I think that is the greatest mod to date, and I was dissapointed not to see it, just because there wasn't enough time.  I don't think that is a reasonable excuse for these professional programmers and such to say that there wasn't enough time.  One more thing...stop releasing information about features that aren't going to be released.  I was pissed off to see that the changable status bar was not included.  It looked really cool, and now it is a pain to figure out how much ammo you have and with what weapons, and a movable status bar would be a real plus.  Don't get me wrong though...I have my dislikes and likes about Quake 2.  For instance, the time it takes to switch weapons is more realistic than before, rather than automatically.  To sum it all up, Quake 3 could be great if id listened to some feedback about gameplay.  Otherwise, it could financially and morally hurt id, and scar its reputation.

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