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Weapons Mods

Deathmatch v.3
?A new mod which lets you pick up the new weapons and items from any id map...I think this is the best weapon mod out to date, but it needs a little work to get it just right...Extract to the /quake2 directory
Factory v2
?Weapons Factory is a new mod for new weapons and other things that previous mods have lacked...NOTE: To the left is the client, and for the server-side download, check out here(?)...If you are interested in setting up your own server, download this(?)...If you want VWep support, download this(?)..Or look here for the DLL only.
Weapons of
Destruction v5.3
?This is a really cool mod, with new weapons, VWep, chasecam, and a ton of different modes for grenades and machinegun. There are a ton of new weapons. There are also a grapple, laser sight, and other add-ons. Pretty cool!
Quake2 v.89
?We wanted to try a Quake2 where strategy, limited ammo, accuracy, and just damn cool looking fights dominate. We tried it, and it worked (perhaps the most fun we've ever had playing Quake2). We're still working hard, but we think you'll find this as much fun as we did. The idea is that each bullet counts for a lot, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't pump them full of as many bullets as you can spare; they'll get a chance to shoot back before they die if you don't finish them off. Cover actually means something, it's better to make sure there's a pillar or a desk near by to duck behind, especially if you have to reload or bandage yourself. Once in a while it's nice to get away from the rocket launcher/bfg fights, and see what it's like to fly up from behind the bar with a shotgun, or to drop behind your enemy through a skylight, executing them with one bullet. Plus, you look damn smooth while your doing it! Weapons include grenades, pistol, submachine gun, shotgun, hand cannon, and a sniper rifle. There are all new skins and models for every weapon.
?A "mod" that you can put in any level as an item that lets you have fifty accelerated shots with the current weapon, and can be turned on and off...Go to here for more info.
AirStrike Mod29kbCall in an airstrike on the Chris Hilton
Freeze Enemies149kbI bet you can't wait to make those annoying monsters stop dead in their tracks!
Demolition113kbA mod where all the weapons are grenades, rockets, and other powerful weapons.
Gun Fu390kbAnother Q2 mod where weapons are really powerful
Nuke175kbA mod which turns the RL into a high powered BFG type weapon.
PipeBomb Mod141kbLets you place pipebombs and detonate them with the command "cmd detonate".
Machine Gun166kbThis mod seemed almost dumb when I saw it, but it is that the machine gun shoots rockets at lightning speed instead of bullets.
Fast Rockets182kbOk, here's the mod everyone knew would come out...faster rockets. This mod should be used on every server because the RL is the best.
Weapon Boast183kbA mod which changes a lot of aspects in the game also including the weapons the monsters have!
Center View388kbA mod which the shot projectiles from the center instead of from the side which makes aiming with the crosshair more accurate.
Ammo Hud142kbHere's a mod that adds icons and numbers in the upper right hand corner of the screen that shows ammo for all the weapons, and has specific death messages for different weapons. It also makes your gibs meatier.
109kbA mod which includes a grappling hook, a teleporter, and some death messages. To use the grapple: cmd grapple. To use teleporter: cmd teleportset.
Tsunami Q2
1.3mbA mod which addons include a grappling hook, and other stuff. Click here for info on using it
TBallz139kbA mod which gives player a "weapon" that teleports players to a random spot in the current map.
Whack?Quake 2 Weapons Hack. Allows players to reduce damage from BFG, increase speed for rockets, etc.

If you know of any weapons mods that I have not included on this page, please e-mail it to me if it is 100kb or less. If it is above 100kb, please tell me the location where I can get it. Please, in the e-mail, tell me the name of the file, the exact size, and any other information I should know about it.


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