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Quake 2 File House

The place to look for Quake 2 files

Sunday, April 12, 1998Submit news here

  VWep Homepage moved
The VWep homepage has moved to telefragged.


  GameLaunch Beta 2 released
Tetsuo has released the second beta of GameLaunch today. It has a wide variety of new features and I'm sure you will be proud of them over at here (2.3MB) and also here.


  Happy Easter Everyone!!
Happy Easter to everyone! I won't be home for a while so I won't be able to update anything that is new in the next 6 hours! I am going to dinner for Easter so when I get home I'll be sure to get everything up to date. Bye


  HOLYWARS 2 -- Resurrection
Holy Wars 2 was released today! Head on over to their site to get it.


  QuickStart 1.40
The new version of QuickStart has been released. In it you will find the following bug fixes and additional options:

If you would like to get a hold of this new version just click here.


Saturday, April 11, 1998Submit news here

  Eraser FrontEnd 2.0
Version 2.0 of the Eraser FrontEnd has been released! It has a ton of new features including detecting of models and skins you have installed, working time and frag limits and an "About Box" which will show the winning logo for EFE2!


  New Patch--War MOD
A new Quake2 PC is under construction now. It is called WAR MOD and it will have classes like Team Fortress for Quake1. The designers are from Russia and they need your help. If you are a level designer, modeler, or a programmer they would love to hear from you. Just head over to their site.


  Fun Names to be included in Quake3
John Cash has announced in his .plan that fun names will be included in Quake 3!! Read about it:

Working converting everything over for the new fixed virtual reolustion console that John mentioned. The font is now a code page 850 like set so those of you who don't happen to have English as your native language will have all the letters in your alphabet available. As before, some of the extra slots are being used for graphics parts. There characters *are* available for use in your name. The font was bumped up in size from 8x8 to 16x16, although the rendered resolution may be different because of the virtual console size. The font itself is just white now. Colored text is being done a different way now. Some places we will force the text to be draw in a single, fixed color. Others it will start out white, but can be changed mid-string. That includes your name! Yes, the return of the fun name... with a vengeance! If anoyone would start a petition if I disabled animated names, please tell me now. They are a bad waste of bandwidth and right now I plan to stop that with "no name spamming" code.


  New C.R. Bot 1.2
A new release of the C.R. Bot has been released! It features a load of new features and bug fixes. Grab it here


  New TC Site --
This is a new TC site that has just opened! Go check it out here


Friday, April 10, 1998Submit news here

  Rocket Arena 2 -- Release Party Tonight!
Rocket Arena 2 up for release tonight!! A release party is at 7:00PM PST on where the Rocket Arena Team and David Wright will be getting interviewed. If you would like to support the release please join at 7PM PST tonight and grab a copy of the long awaited ROCKET ARENA 2!!


  New Helper -- j@w
Hi, My name is j@w and I have recently started to help out Mr. Baldy with The Quake 2 Filehouse! I am new at this so don't get frustrated if we don't have the news before anyone else. If you want to get a hold of me send mail to and I will try to reply A.S.A.P. Thanks again to Mr.Baldy for letting me help out with this page


  ServObit v1.4
ServObit is a mod which changes the death messages, according to gender of killer and victim, state of victim's body, weapon used, what environment, and if Quad damage was used...If you want death messages to sound the way they were meant to be, get this mod.

Mr. Baldy

  Q2Comp Mod
A new mod that hopes to bring more competition to Quake2ers with features like banning weapons and powerups, changing levels by vote, electing ADMIN people...demoting ADMIN people, cheat protection, observer mode, IP banning, Standard logging. So far, only some of these features have been implemented, but more are soon to be...Check it out in the mods section.

Mr. Baldy

  ChaosDM v.02
A bunch of new and cool features have been added to this cool mod:

- lights off game mode (see last news article)
- a flashlight
- the airfist! (a high pressure air gun)
- weapon banning
- item banning
- startup weapons
- startup items
- map rotation with multiple map lists
- configurable message of the day
- an alternative grappling hook (the hand-held ctf garpple)
- anti-gravity belt
- items remember their original spawn location
  (so they don't stay at the edges of the level after airfist blows ;-))
- automatic weapon respawnings to exchange weapons from one weapon-class
   from time to time.
- tons of minor bugfixes and additional small features.

Check it out in the weapons mods section.

Mr. Baldy

  Eraser v.92
A new version of the very popular Eraserbot. Here's what I picked up from their page:

Hi folks, spent a few hours fixing some really nasty AI bugs (mostly CTF related), so I thought I'd pop in for an update, since the next week or so will be very hectic for me. The main changes are fixes to the CTF AI, including the respawning system, which was broken some time back (I still can't figure out what Zoid's respawn code does), which have resulted in maps like Q2CTF1 playing MUCH better.

Head on over toward the bots section.

Mr. Baldy

  Battle of the Sexes v2.9.3
More slight features, but features more the less:

New Features

1) Improvements made to decrease lag
2) Additions made to support LagDaddy's new and improved BotS CTF #2
3) Another new map released by Shadrach called Hezekiah's Attic the class mods Bubba!

Mr. Baldy

  LM-CTF v3.02
It is out here but I couldn't go to the page, because it was too busy....Check back later for an update.

Mr. Baldy

I see. There are special AutoBots for some different bots. Here are the bots that are supported with their own AutoBot:

AutoBot for AceBot
AutoBot for AssassinBot
AutoBot for Oak Bot

All these can be found in the frontends section.

Mr. Baldy

  BotJohnny v1.1
For this British Eraser launcher, here are the newest features:

Check it out in the frontends section.

Mr. Baldy

  QuickStart v1.36a
Another new version has been released to fixed the launching of Quake 2 and helping with some major speed adjustments. Expect a new version shortly. What more could you expect from this frontend?

Thursday, April 9, 1998Submit news here

  Page Work
10:50PM Taiwan time:
I am starting with the least active sections, and working my way up. I have finished pictures and work on the demos section, and it is currently viewable. There are no demos currently flowing in the Quake 2 community however. More updates as the time comes.
11:56PM Taiwan time:
I just finished the textures section, but I am pretty tired. I'm heading to sleep till tomorrow, when hopefully I will get more work done, and work faster.

Mr. Baldy

  Q2 LaunchPad
A new frontend has been released that hsa the ability to start 7 types of play: Singleplayer, Deathmatch, Cooperative, Threewave CTF, viewing demos, Superheroes 2, and King of the Hill mods. Go get this new and cool launcher in the frontends section.

  Q2 Camera
A mod that is almost like QCam with features such as if two people are in focus, the camera goes static and watches from above, and some more features are still to come...Get the first of its kind in the mods section.

  QuickStart v1.32
There were two versions released today...with the v1.32, the fixes included the tweaking of the code, and some other small bugfixes...head toward the frontends section to get it.

  New Helper
Today, someone agreed to join me and help work on the page. I will do it today, and he will probably start tomorrow. In the time being, I will work on completing the rest of the new design, and fixing some problems with the page including broken downloads and such. He can be reached at, so send him a line.

  EZ Server
EZ Server is a really nice frontend for running your own server with options like MOTD, create custom map lists, set variables, and being able to define just about everything possible for an easy server setup...Go get it in the frontends section.

  ServerConfigMod v2.1
I thought the final was released. I guess not. A major bug has been fixed to not allow spectators to drop inventory items for the pleasure of the person being chased...Get the fix in the mods section.

  DeathStorm v.12
Not much new. Here's what it is:

Check it out in the partial conversion section.

  StrikeTeam Beta
StrikeTeam is a total conversion by the author of Special Forces, where there are two teams in single player and four in deathmatch. For each team, there are four different classes: Soldier, Medic, Sniper, and Combat Engineer. They give orders to the monsters to be a like an army. What a strange TC!

Wednesday, April 8, 1998Submit news here

  Beep! Beep! Facelift!
Today, the Quake 2 File House has recieved a major facelift, which includes two main points. The first is the left frame. As you can probably tell, the left frame has changes drastically, and I hope, for the better. It seems easier to use to myself, and some of my friends. Also, I have finished one section of the new download sections design. It is quite a lot different, but much better. Each file has its own page with the name, author, e-mail address, homepage, date, filename, multiple locations, size, description, and comments. There are remarks that I and other people fell about the mod, by mailing me and telling me what you think. Also, I will put links to articles and editorials I see directed toward that mod, bot, skin, whatever. the section completed was the sounds section. I am still in need of a page update helper, and I need to get a new, and cool design for the news section. Right now, it is pretty poor, and I want people to help by sending in designs with HTML documents and such in ZIPPED format for me to take a look at and base my new design from. Thanks. ONE MORE THING TO REMEMBER:::THE LEFT FRAME IS ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH RESOLUTIONS 1024X768 ONLY OR HIGHER. --OUT Mr. Baldy

  QuickStart v1.22
Sloshy Software has released the new Alpha version of the "Eraser Bot Wizard" ... whose new features include fixed scrolling on frames, fixed clicking about, and preferences with frames, fixed eraser dir, added save and load features, added Eraser dir to preferences, added close QuickStart on start game, increased speed time, better and faster code, better tweaked command line, fixed map dir problem, added Bot name to refresh button, added team names to refresh button, many bugs fixed, fixed ABOUT screen pics, and fixed the QuickStart resize bug...Head on over to the frontends section to pick it up.

  Work Being Done and UPDATOR WANTED!
I need something to spruce up this page, so I decided to work on a new design for the downloads sections. It will be completely new, with a lot of new features and changes. Some include: date entered, mod name, filename, mirror sites, description, mod author, webpage, author e-mail, and whatever else you want on there. It will take a long time, and I will update every time I get a new sectoin up and running...Also, I will TRY to put links to articles for the mods, and create a howto section for all the running mods, bots, models, skins, maps, and everything else...I am looking far and wide for someone to help me do this...I need someone to help update this page while I work on the rest of the page. QUALIFICATIONS: HTML experience, and whatever else. That is mainly it. -OUT Mr. Baldy

  BotJohnny v1.0
For this BRITISH (that's important) Eraser frontend, all the new features fresh from your local supermarket:

As promised, version 1.0 (beta) is now available for download! Hooray! There are some major improvements in this release including the ability to completely customise how the command-line and launcher.cfg files are created. Also, choosing your CTF team now works, plus the CTF editor has been improved quite a lot. You can hear all sounds for a particular model and also see their skins (although this requires having an external program that can display PCX files at the moment). Millions of bug fixes and other little bits and pieces.

Head over yonder to the frontends corral to lasso yerself a copy.

  Quasar Mod
A little work needs to be done with the site, but I found some info in the .TXT file that came with the mod:

This Teamplay mod puts you into an arena where you have 2 bases one for each team and 2 nergizers one for each team. When you start you have 3 lives if you lose all 3 you can't fire anymore and need to renergize. Then you run to your energizer and push it you will then get back your 3 lives and you can then shoot again. Now everytime you shoot a player you get 5 points for you and 1 for your team. Everytime you shoot the other teams base you get 25 for you and 5 for your team. It costs 30 points to renergize so it's possible to end up with a negative score at the end. The Match should either last 20 minutes or 1 hour depending on the server. The bases are near walls for each color base and are in the air. Everytime you shoot one you can't shoot it for 10 seconds. If you kill 5 people without getting killed yourself you get a mode called SuperCharge where you can fire rapidly until you get killed.

Kind of like lasertag, or laserstorm for Quake 2...sounds pretty cool...this one can be found in the mods section.

  Weapons Factory v1.07
For the newest release, player classes have been added, but the release is for only some servers, which will have 1.07 in the name...Get the mod in the weapons mods section.

  Lithium v.98
Well, v.97, and v.97a have been released today...Why not another! After a long day for the programmers, Lithium Mod v.98 has been released. The changes were two major bugs were fixed and some smaller ones also...I think you know where to find this.

  HotLaunch v1.6b
For the new version, here's what was changed:

That was the first release, which required this to be done:

NOTE: Delete your old c:\hotlaunch.ini before running this version!!!! You can do this by typing "deltree c:\hotlaunch" from a command prompt.

After that version was released, a problem was found about it not letting it find external maps and bots, so the newest version 1.6.2 was released....You can find it in the frontends section.

If you have some maps, skins, mods, etc., please e-mail them to me if they are 100kb or less with their name, description, author, etc. If they are above 100kb, tell me the address they are located on and I will make a link to them at my page.

This page is best viewed in 1024x768, but is ok in any setting smaller, but no bigger. Also, I recommend at least a 17" monitor when viewing this page.

Quake, Quake 2 and the "Q" logo copyright 1996-98 Id Software, Inc. Quake is a registered trademark of Id Software, Inc. All rights reserved. All original content is copyright 1998 Mr. Baldy and may not be used in whole or part without express written consent. Also, all other content such as pictures are the property of their owners.