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Quake 2 File House

The place to look for Quake 2 files

Partial Conversions

719kbA partial conversion that incorporates new sounds and graphics. It is directed to being a server mod for a LAN party. Some features include yelling, runes, enhanced huds, misc options, and features only enables using dsBasic as the programming language. Go here for more info...For best use, you will also need the compatible VWep client pak.(1.7mb)...Zoid's CTF is also necessary for DeathStorm.

If you know of any partial conversions that I have not included on this page, please e-mail it to me if it is 100kb or less. If it is above 100kb, please tell me the location where I can get it. Please, in the e-mail, tell me the name of the file, the exact size, and any other information I should know about it.


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