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Tuesday, April 7, 1998Submit news here

  GameSpy Beta
The first trial version of GameSpy has been released for REGISTERED USERS ONLY...If you don't have an account, get on at, or if you have one, go to the download section at GameSpy...The link on my page is in the serverstats section.

  WarZone CTF2
New to this TFlike mod are tripwires/grenades for explorsives experts, an alarm for snipers, and the fact that the sniper's weapon can penetrate armor...Check it out in the CTF section.

  RocketArena2 News
Whoah cool! The long awaited arrival of RocketArena2 has come...Here's some info I picked up on the RA2 page:

Barring all catastrophes, we are planning to release the final version in a huge 3DNET IRC release party this Friday. There will be a pre-party at 6:30PM PST for the private beta testers, followed by a public chat starting at 7PM PST. The download URL will be posted immediately, and the development team will be available for chat while people download. More details on the release will be posted here as the week progresses.

Servers will be given the files beforehand so that they will be up and running once the party begins. Server ops interested in running RA2 servers should contact crt. The server files for Win32, Linux, and Solaris will be posted along with the client files.

We don't have the final numbers yet, but it looks like the release will contain at least 8 maps with over 46 arenas total! At least 10 of the arenas are DM size and designed for Clan Matches and Pickup Games.

This is big news...I suggest you be there.

  Site Changes
Well...I've experimented a little with cascading style sheets, and BOY! are they great..You can do some cool features with them, and I suggest that all webmasters learn and use them...Also, the heading color was changed. I may change it back though...Also, I am adding a Total Conversion and Partial Conversion section to the left frame...AALLSSOO, I like the little trianle and the tables in the layout of the new PlanetQuake news section, so I decided to 'borrow' the triangle and the design for use with helping this page. I changed the tables slightly though. And, if you didn't notice, the JAVA applet at the top has a different color. This page is sort of like a mod. I modify it, and release the 'new versions', until finally I release a FINAL...hmmm...I have no idea why I just thought that.

  Quake 2 Timer
The timer used by the fastest Quake and Quake 2 players has been released at the Quake Done Quick page. Not, you too, and join in, trying to earn a record time in Quake 2...Check it out in the miscellaneous section.

  Eraser and Source
The v.91 of the Eraserbot has been released along with the source. One key point to remember is that since the Eraser is still in BETA mode, only real programmers should try the code out...The changes for this release are:

+ Fix Greeting chats
+ Command to raid enemy base
+ When going from Teamplay -> CTF, clear out the client->team pointer, and make sure models are correct
+ Bots sometimes don't capture flag in q2ctf2, they'll walk close to it, then go back
+ Invulnerable bots should go berserk
+ Bots get stuck on "up" lifts when they walk onto a lift that has already achieved it's highest elevation at the time they step on it.
+ Better guarding flag carrier
+ Bot suicide at intermission still occuring.
+ More defenders for flag carrier
+ respawn in walls/ceilings
+ more aggressively seek dropped flags
+ Railgun aiming more human-like
+ Check disperse command works
+ Lift waiting not working on some maps

Go check that out and the source in the bots section.

  Battle of the Sexes v2.9.2
The newest release is just server-side, and here are the new features:

New Features

1) If a sniper stands near a wall, crate, column, etc. for 10 seconds without moving he/she will become invisible. The player will see a message saying "You are cloaked!" when they become invisible. The only thing that will make you visible again is if you move. You can fire your weapon and turn around as long as you do not move forward, left, right or up or use the grappling hook. If you are shot by an enemy when cloaked you will become visible again.
2) Snipers get 4 active flares. All you have to do is type "flare" in the console or bind it to a key to throw a flare. Each flare costs 5 cells and lasts 20 seconds before it dies out.
3) Decoy grenades cannot be thrown as far as a normal grenade

Bug Fixes

1) Server crashing bug fixed

Check it out in the class mods section.

  EFE v1.9a
The only new fix to this release is the problem with seeing only one map in the maps directory. This has been fixed...Get the patch in the frontends section.

  Quake Easter Egg Hunt
Even though this isn't files related, I thought it was pretty cool. "Quake Innovations is proud to announce The Quake Easter Egg Hunt, a Quake II game & tournament designed for Easter day! Individuals must find eggs of varying worth and return them to the egg collection points (CTFish but no teams). Egg stealing is allowed of course! Players can identify approximately how many egg points another player is carrying by their skin color and shoot them so as to make them drop some of their eggs (or all on a kill), but in order to steal eggs players must be close when shooting other players for the eggs will only stay for a few seconds before going back to their hiding spots. The prizes are $100 for the winning player and $50 for the runnerup. Full details are provided at Quake Innovations' Egg Hunt website (" ... I suggest you go check it out , and I hope they use some 100 player maps, cus' they'll need em.

  Famkebot v5
Another version has been released with a "monkeyload of new features and bug fixes"...get it in the bots section.

Sunday, April 5, 1998

3 New Maps
I guess this may be a little old...Who am I kidding, it dates back to Feb. released some 64 player maps...3 to be exact. You can choose the download site right here, but I will only have one listed in the id's section.

I will leave the CDROM.COM link on the id stuff page.

One Simple Question
I have one, or maybe a few, questions to ask and I seriously need some answers from readers. The first is:

Why do you come to my page?

And the second...

What makes my page different from others?

The third...


And the last...

Does anyone want a page? I have one at that I can't keep up...I'll give it to anyone who will keep it up.

Please...please...please answer these questions by e-mailing the answers to me...Thanks. -Mr. Baldy

ActionQuake2 v.85
Here's a cool mod to resemble the real fighting like in movies and such. It involves new models, skins, and other stuff. There is a lot of neat stuff about it, that you can read here...Otherwise, pick it up here in the weapons mods section.

New CRBot
The newest version 1.1 has been released WITH CTF SUPPORT! Finally! Here is some important info that I picked up from the CRBot page:

To play CTF you will need to copy PAK0.PAK from CTF into CRbot subdirectory and add "+set ctf 1" to your command line. Or you can change ctf cvar from console and restart the map. If you want to play normal deathmatch game, use "+set ctf 0".

Be sure to get this to practice on your CTF skills in the bots section.

Q2 Scene Builder v1.5
I like this program...the ability to view models and make your own Quake 2 'scenes'...Here are the newest features:

Check it out in the Windows section...where else could I put it?

Tangential v1.6
Here is what I picked up from the page:

Check it out in the mods section.

StarTroopers v.2
Here is the load of stuff I got from the page:

Alright I've released vers 0.25 of the code now. Its great CTF has been improved as I said before it should work with all maps, new weapons(needler, lightning gun, cell drainer, telsa coil, concussion grenades and I think there might be some more), medic can heal themselves and teammates who get close enough to be healed. The engineer can repair armor of both himself and other teammates. The VWEAP patch has been implemented meaning you can see the different weapons your enemy is using. You can finally tell who is on who's team. Goto to the download page to get the new vers and the VWEAP patch if you don't already have it. To use the VWEAP patch stick in your baseq2 directory the pak file. TO install Star Troopers create a directory called star and stick the files in there then run quake2 with this command line "quake2 +set game "star"" that should work. YOu will noticed I replaced the opening cin. I need a organic modeler and a animator to work on animating weapons. To those who have given me weapons I thank you and could you possibly send your files again because I lost the zip disk that I had the files on this also caused me to lose a couple days working on the mod.

Check it out in the CTF section.

Skin Packs
Saw on that some new skinpacks were released at the BodyShop page...They include the CrackWhore skinpack (19 skins), the LegoMan skinpack (33 skins), and the Snork skinpack (63 skins)...I suggest you check them out in the skinpacks section.

Q2Admin Utility
Talk about a light's the small tidbit from the page: With it you can remote admin servers, including changing dm values, use rcon commands, etc. Exciting huh? Check it out in the serverstats section.

PureDM v4
The new features from v3 -> v4 include IP banning, level time remaining, flood protection, IP logging, ne wserver console command system, new VWep code, new GigStats standard, noquad variable, fraglogfile, variable names...That's about it...check it out in the mods section.

Saturday, April 4, 1998

Models Galore!
Since I had very little models on this page, I have decided to go out, and collect them. I got all of them from The Body Shop at so I know now I have the complete list of them...Since the amount of models are too big to show on this page, you can check out the complete list here. Because of the long list of models, I have split up the models section into Converted and Original models...Enjoy!

Bad News For ME
Ouch...this morning at 10:15, I got my wisdom teeth pulled because they were screwing everything else up. Boy did that hurt! But the doctor knowcked me out and gave me about a ton of drugs, so I couldn't feel a thing. Now it hurts though... :(

Tetonic v1
A lot of important changes, as you can see below, but there are still some features need adding. BTW, if you don't know what Tetonic is, it is an Eraserbot Frontend, and here's what I picked up from their page for the newest version:

The Pak files are now scanned for map's, thanks to Pete Callaway ( for the Pak file information. The map name combo box now has auto-complete so you don't need to search through the list as much if you have loads of maps. You can now enter a number of bots or select specific bots for the Eraser (can't import bots.cfg yet). The extra commands popup menu has been moved next to the additional command line parameters combo box and a +exec item has been added to it.

There are some new files to check out...if you want to use Tetonic's releases in the future, you will need this file: FM20.dll. If you have that, great, but if not, download it here. I will also have it posted with the newest Tetonic version in the frontends section.

Loki Minion's CTF v3.01
The much anticipated Loki Minion's CTF has been released at looks great! Be sure to check it out. Here is a small list of features that is will have:

¤ GUI Server Settings
¤ Team Radio Messages GENDER CORRECT!?
¤ Artifacts
¤ Player id, weapon id and autotext
¤ 3 Sets of Skins for each team
  - Cops / Robbers
  - Demons / Devils
  - CTF Style Skins
¤ Supports all id maps, all id CTF maps, all id DM maps, and a dozen custom CTF maps
¤ Off-hand grapple...Use the grapple and your weapon at the same time

I seriously suggest you check it out...I know I will. They are also having a LMCTF tournament soon, so go look to sign up!...Check it out in the CTF mods section.

Jailbreak v1.7b
A new server-side upgrade for Jailbreak has been released because of some small problems...Here they are, straight from the Jailbreak Homepage:

Check it out in the mods section.

Entropy v.99b
I haven't heard of this before. Go here if you haven't either. I guess by what it says that it is a mix between CTF, a weapons mod, and a mod which has classes. Here are the new features for the newest release:

Here it is, version 0.99b: few bug fixes, new sounds, new models...   Biggest feature: Rings!  I got the idea from looking at Xian's Flag Wars.  It is kinda a combination of Force Powers and Runes, you must pickup a ring to get the power, but it has a limited use.  Once your MP is gone, you can't use another ring that life...

- Incinerate ring: finds a client near you, and sets them on fire
- Freeze ring: finds a client near you, and freezes them
- Nee ring: finds a client near you, and does 5 damage to them
- Theft ring: finds a client near you, and steals a weapon from them
- Invisibility ring: makes you invisible for 15 seconds
- Master ring: all of the above, at once

Check it out in the CTF section.

ServerConfigMOD2 Final
The Final of the DM and CTF versions of the ServerConfigMod has been released. There's not much else to say...It just has the fixes for the rest of the bugs...Check it out in the mods section.

PingTool Final
The popular PingTool is now out of beta, and done with. Here are the last upgrades to the server stats utility:

Check it out in the serverstats section.

Wednesday, April 1, 1998

Chaos Deathmatch v.1
This looks like a cool mod. A mod that has a lot of new weapons that you can use with any id map. They have changed the weapons for each map, so you can see the weapons you are picking up right inthe map...pretty cool! Here's the long list of weapons and items:

Check out this really cool mod in the weapons mods section.

Yet another EraserBot Frontend has been released...Here's what I picked up from their page:

Note, only a small version of 0.3 is available at present, but you can download the full one and copy files across if you like. Anyway, the following are the major new bits of 0.3 (excluding bug fixes).

¤ Double clicking a map in the "available maps" list adds it to the map cycle
¤ Double clicking a map in the map cycle adds it as the start map
¤ You can now add more maps to the "available maps" list by editing a text file, so if you are using another "PAKx.PAK" then you can add the maps name here. Later on I might make this file configurable via the program.
¤ You can now edit the AUTOEXEC.CFG file

Check it out in the frontends section.

CRBot v1.08
Here is some info I got from the CRBot Homepage:

     Bug hunt continues in v1.08: - bots were getting stuck right after spawning on all DaPak2 maps because of respawn points being depressed in the ground;

- "SZ_GetSpace: overflow" bug is hopefully gone for good;
- ladder climbing code is polished and should work now on most maps;

     Write me if you still having any problems with bot. Hopefully there's nothing serious left and I can start doing CTF this weekend.

Check it out in the bots section.

Lithium v.96
The new features include IP banning, bug fixes, and enhanced features...Check it out in the mods section.

Here's a mod author trying to implement your favorite mods into one, I guess by use of a frontend, to start each time you play without having to compile the code each time to use them...Check it out in the frontends section.

Orange v3.16
Just a small bug fix for the trying to grapple the sky with the off-hand grappling hook...check it out in the mods section.

Eraserbot v.9
New to this version are bug fixes, CTF/AI additions/fixes, and some speed improvement...Check it out in the bots section.

md2view Frontend
Here is some stuff I picked up from their page:

- Save file feature allows you to save the location of your model and skin files
- No lengthy command line arguments, simply load up your files and view
- A must for model or skin developers, lets you view your work in seconds
- Easy to use graphical interface
- For Windows95
- And its Freeware!

Check it out in the frontends section.

A new mod is out promoting Conquest:

A new Q2 DM mod has been released. It's called Gang Wars, it's a promotional mod for the mod Conquest, which is under heavy development. Gang Wars has the following features.

Up to 5 Teams
Each player gets 1 M16 with 12 bullets
There is one flag, the team with the flag gets points as the game progresses
Short-range Grappling Hook
Both hook and M16 are weapon viewable
Map Specific Coding for team-specific doors, plats and security cameras
Real gravity

Check it out in the mods section.

New Eraser Launcher
A new Eraser Launcher called QuickStart, without have being released yet...Check back later for the actual release...

A server-side mod that creates a standard log that can be read into GibStats or other programs like that. Pretty cool. I suggest this one, as I use it myself...Check it out in the serverstats section.

Battle of the Sexes v2.9
One quick note, Spinoza has moved his page to, and with his latest update, here are the new changes taken directly from Spinoza's page:

New Featur


Sorry, the rest of this section was lost

If you have some maps, skins, mods, etc., please e-mail them to me if they are 100kb or less with their name, description, author, etc. If they are above 100kb, tell me the address they are located on and I will make a link to them at my page.

This page is best viewed in 1024x768, but is ok in any setting smaller, but no bigger. Also, I recommend at least a 17" monitor when viewing this page.

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