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Sunday, March 15, 1998

Files By Mail
From e-mail people have generously sent me files or info on files:

Thanks a lot for all your help guys.

Hud+Vote v2.0
Hud+Vote is a really cool server-side mod that changes a whole lot of things and also uses the MenuMod that is also used in RocketArena II. Here's some more info:

Allows players to have a continuous display of all available weapons and ammo....

        ALWAYS see what weapon you can directly switch to,
        ALWAYS see what weapon to go for given you're available ammo,
        All using icons and ammo counts on one edge of the screen.
        3 hud sizes configurable by server admin and player .  NO CLIENT PACK NEEDED

Allows players to vote for a new map to be played, all using cool inventory-like multi-level menus, vote from:    (easily disabled if desired)

        + All of the standard Q2 maps,
        + All of ID's Q2 point release deathmatch maps,
        + ...and 30 extra maps that the server admin can select.


        +  Latest Vwep patch included, see what weapons everyone is carrying!
        +  Latest ServObit included, totally configurable motd, death messages etc!
        +  Hud now works in Single User mode (you can stop emailing :)
        +  Optional icons pak that clients can install for transparent icons!

Check it out in the mods section.

Flag Wars v1.0
This is the first public release of a really cool CTF mod. Here's some stuff that I picked up off their page:


Assault Rifle - Fires three shots at a time, does more damage than Machinegun.
Cluster Bombs - In essence, a grenade that spews out another 8 smaller grenades in a circular fashion.
Sequencer Charges - Have two ways of functioning. You can just lob them somewhere, and they will explode whenever someone walks near them (proximity mines), or order them to blow up with a great radius of damage (pipebombs).
Nuke* - This grenade explodes which such power that dozens of fireballs are sent flying in a circle, killing anything in their path.
Flash Bombs** - Useful for blinding and confusing your enemies, then lobbing a rocket up their @$$
Plasma Probes* - These little spheres emmit deadly green lasers which fry your enemies.
Heat Seekers - Rockets that follow the first enemy they spot. Will also change targets in mid-air if neccesary...
Triple Rockets - Two slower rockets that circle around a third rocket. Perfect for those who suck at aiming.
Invislugs - This new slug formula does not emmit a trail when fired, but results in less damage.
Laser Pods - These special grenades can be attached to walls. They will then emmit a laser beam that cuts through anything. Downside? Costs 50 cells and expires in 30 seconds.
Autodestruct System - Activate it, and in 10 seconds, you are history. You blow up all of your grenades (you need at least 5), plus you get QUAD damage just before blowing up. Do the math: # OF GRENADES * GRENADE DMG * 4 = GORE!
Instant Blowup - You only need one grenade to do this. You will detonate all your grenades instantly, without QUAD damage.


Grunt* - The standard player. Equipped with a chaingun and a rocket launcher, he is a good class for both defending your base and attacking the enemy base. His launcher can also shoot three spiraling rockets at a time.
Scout* - His fast speed is his advantage. Easily infiltrate enemy bases and capture the flag, then hurry back to base. He can't carry much armor around. He has a supply of Laser Pods he can set anywhere. He can also use Sequencer Charges.
Pyro* - The perfect guard for your base. His Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher are both equiped with specialised ammo such as cluster bombs and heat seekers. He can activate his autodestruct system which explodes all his grenades.
Sniper* - Has average speed. His grapple line is invisible and also has a supply of invislug formula.


Autodoc - This artifact will regenerate your health up to 250, and then will continue to build up your armor.
Time Accel - Doubles both your running speed and firing rate. Hyperblaster can't go any faster, so instead it fires two bolts at a time.
Shield - Defends you against most enemy attacks.
Power Amplificator - Doubles the damage you inflict.


Grappling Hook - Useful for getting to high ledges or over gaps.
Flare Gun - Light up those dark areas to pick off snipers and campers.


Force Pull - Pull anyone toward you.
Force Push - Push anyone away from you.
Force Destruction - Sends a big ball of fire which kills enemies on impact.
Force Lightning* - Sends various bolts of pure energy through your enemies. Like slugs, it will not stop until hitting concrete.
Force Tracking* - Displays information about the nearest 16 players.
Force Projection* - Creates a static holographic image of yourself.

  *Not available in current version
**Not fully working in current version

Whew...that's a lot of stuff! But pretty cool stuff. I think I'll download this mod...You can check it out in the CTF section.

StudioMDx v.94b
The second v.94 version of the popular StudioMDx model editor and viewer has been released. New fixes include Skin viewer w/ verts/lines, Configurable views, 3D Wireframe editing window, and some Small bug fixes...Check it out in the editing section.

QERadiant 046
Another release for the QERadiant level editor. They are also hosting a level contest which might just be ending, so get your levels in there...Check it out in the editing section. For the contest, check out to get some info.

Keys2 v1.65
For the keys is what has been changed, fixed, etc:


- Gib Gun, Flames, and Key Pickup sounds are fixed so that they always work. 
- Two spawn-protected players would get stuck in each other in a telefrag situation.    Now, protection is ignored and the telefrag occurs.  The players would also get    stuck if the telefraggee had protection and the telefragger did not.  Fixed via Reverse    Telefrag described below. 


- Damage on flames and gib gun increased. 
- If a player is already being "gibbed", homing gib projectiles won't target him. 


-Reverse Telefrag - If a non-spawn-protected player teleports onto a spawn-protected player,   the unprotected player is telefragged.   
-Level cycling now allows you to specify the k2keys value on a per-map basis.  See the   Server Side area for details.

Check it out in the mods section...Also a GameSpy tab

Tetonic v.9
Tetonic is another Frontend to open bot games, but it also has support for other games. Here is some info I picked up off the Tetonic page:

Tectonic is a 'front end' or 'launcher' for Quake2. It saves you from need to type loads of commands into console and go through the Quake2 menu's to get the game going the way you want it to. It was original designed to make it easy for me to set up, and connect to, a server for LAN games. It is also extremely useful when trying out new maps and patches, either ones you've just created or downloaded.You can easily set up a Quake2 deathmatch using a simple yet effective interface. As well as being able to selected what patch, if any, you want to run you can also set up many options specific to that patch.

Check it out in the frontends section, or go to here for supported patches

Bot Launch v0.006
Another bot frontend which now supports the Eraserbot v.82...Check it out in the frontends section.

New Quake 2 Demo
id has released a new Quake 2 demo, now with Coop and DM support...Check it out in the id stuff section.

Loki Minion's CTF v2.0
This version, which works with the 3.14 Point Release of Quake 2, has many features, and now requires an LM CTF pak supports VWeap. Here is some other info about it:

Check it out in the CTF section.

Saturday, March 14, 1998

Viking CTF
The CTF documentation for the Viking mod has been released...Check it out in the mods section.

Site Reconfigure
The sections seemed kind of messy and hard to locate your files in, so I divided them into categories, and got rid of the reviews sections. They were going to be too hard of work, so I just gave up on them. If you still want to know what I think of a level, e-mail me, tell me the level, and where to find it, and I'll review it and send you an e-mail with my thoughts. Also, don't forget to submit those EDITORIALS. I will still be working on that section of the page.

Eraser Launch non-Beta
The frontend for running the Eraserbot with your own config has just graduated from the Beta stage to a higher level...Sorry about not having it before:

-ctf suport
-ctf maps in map list
-dm ctf flags were causing overflow errors, they are gone now
-added time/frag limit
-u can view eraser bot readme.txt from elaunch
-u can edit maps.txt from eLaunch
Check it out in the bots section.

Eraserbot Bugfix
Obviously, there was a little problem with the previous Eraser's some info:

Damn, in fixing the bot_name command in v0.81, I managed to screw up the addteam and cmd join commands. Hence, v0.82 is available, which also fixes the teamplay scores, and some CTF AI tweaks (no more long stand-offs with both teams holding the opponent's flag at their base).
Check it out in the bots section.

Oak II Bot Released
A really cool bot, now with Quake 2 support:


Oak II bots will be totally customisable! Bots can be given names that you want to assign to them. Their colours/skins will be decided by you! Bots will start with their own personality which will develop the more they play. You will be able to guide the personalites of the bots... you can make them ruthless, tough, wimpish... whatever!

Personalites will include the style of play (an aggresive bot will be very attack-minded, whilst a thoughtful bot will think more on the lines of tactics).

No custom skins or sounds will be incorporated in Oak II. Instead, you will decide what your bots are to be like. Using Oak II's Bot Editor, you can do all this with a nice, friendly user-interface.


Bots will "remember" the levels they play. They will remember locations of items, routes to important areas of the levels, and the general layout. The bots will be able to refer to their Memory file each time they play, and just like a human, their Memory will grow and grow the more they play.

This is going to be a significant step in A.I. because the more you play a bot, you are going to get better... and now the bots will too!

Intelligent player-like movement

Bots will roam around the level just like a real player. They will attempt to discover secret areas by scanning the surrounding area. As the bots develop, they will begin to try more skillful tricks such as Rocket Jumping.

Check it out in the bots section.

Viewable Weapons Patch for Quake 2 v3.14 / CTF1.02...It makes it so with custom models, you can see the weapons while you are playing I guess, and make them work properly, like where the chaingun spins, etc...Check it out in the miscellaneous section.

Thanks to Acid, I am finally able to get an e-mail account. I have waited for a while, and now I can answer all the mail and such that you send me...So now, my new address is

Wednesday, March 11, 1998

Two Pole Software has released TagYerIt 1.1 beta for Quake2 v3.14. This mod puts you in a game of tag, just like when you were a kid...Check it out in the mods section.

Weapons Factory
An update to the Weapons Factory CTF mod is up. This patch fixes problems with decoy skins and friendly fire

How To Play First, you will need to have installed Zoid's CTF modification. If you don't already have it, you can download it here. Also, make sure you have the latest Q2 upgrade (3.14). You can get it here. With Weapons Factory version 1.01, you will need to download the file which includes the file pak9.pak and the Weapons Factory gamespy tab. Simply unzip this file into your quake2\ctf directory. Note: This will NOT interfere with playing other CTF games. These files are only used by the Weapons Factory mod and will not replace any existing CTF files.

...Check it out in the mods section.

WorldCraft v1.6
Another release for the editing utility...Check it out in the editing section.

BagTag Mod
I don't know much about this mod right now...but I don't like the sound of it...Check it out in the mods section.

Deathmatch Manager
A v3.14 compatible update for the DeathMatch Manager has been released. Here's what DMM does:

It allows you to define custom map sequences, play sequences of MIDI files, add extra sounds for item pickups and deaths, and customise all 33 death messages including all the suicide / environment / pkill messages.

Check it out in the other section.

Superheroes Beta7
This version is 3.14 compatible and adds some new features, including Weird Bombs and a Funkagroovitalizer...Check it out in the mods section.

High Score Mod
HighScore is a server-side only mod that keeps track of players' scores from level to level. It also keeps track of the highest score ever obtained on that specific server. Try and beat the highest score ever on that server, and have your name up in lights!...Check it out in the other section.

QuArK v5.0.a1
A new version of the Quake Army Knife has been made, probably with v3.14 support...So check it out in the editing section.

Viking Mod
Something from the Viking Mod homepage:

The first public release of Viking has been posted at the Viking page. This release will most likely contain a few bugs, since it's the very first public release. If you download this version, you are considered part of a beta testing team and should report any bugs to Thedd. It works with dedicated and non-dedicated servers, in deathmatch or coop mode. CTF version will be released when this version has been tested and bugfixed.

Check it out in the mods section.

Eraserbot v.8 Released
Again, another release for the ever-popular Eraserbot...Check it out in the bots section.

Lithium v.92
New to this version is a vampire rune, chasecam, and some bugfixes...Check it out in the mods section.

CRBot v1.02
No need to explain...v3.14 support...Check it out in the bots section.

Orange Mod v2.4f Released
Need I say more? Check it out in the mods section.

Battle of the Sexes v2.8.1
A new version has been released with a ton of new fixes:

New Features ------------ 1) If you fall below 75 health you will begin to bleed and make pain noises. The worse you are hurt the more you will bleed and scream in pain! 2) Cluster grenades now explode in a random sequence 3) When someone is demoted it is now announced to everyone 4) When someone is demoted, the attacker is promoted to level 1 5) Added new server variable called "fairteams". If "fairteams" is set to "1" then the following rules apply: If teams are unbalanced by more than 1 player, scoring works differently. If the team with more players captures the flag they are not given any points. If the team with less players captures the flag they are given full credit for the capture. By default "fairteams" is set to "1". 6) The Berzerker rage time now correctly displays the exact amount of rage left before death Bug Fixes --------- 1) Fixed many small bugs introduced when converting to new 3.14 source code
Check it out in the mods section.

QStat v2.1z
A new QStat version has been released for all those Q2 list building enthusiasts...also, who enjoy getting into a good server...check it out in the miscellaneous section.

Quake 2 v3.14 Source Released
A note to mod authors everywhere that the new v3.14 source has been released, so check it out in the essentials section.

Quake 2 CTF v1.02
As with the release of the v3.14 patch, the CTF mod has also been updated...Check it out in the essentials section instead of in the mods section this time.

Fields of War Mod v.6
Another new version has been released. This version includes a working teamplay and a new map with a King of the Hill style goal...Check it out in the mods section.

Eraserbot v.7
Ridah over at Team Impact has released v0.7 of his popular Eraser Bot. This new version has a whole ton of new features including Advanced Squadron AI, Increased Intelligence, Faster AI, a configurable chat system, etc...Check it out in the bots section.

Sunday, March 1, 1998

GibStats II v1.4
There is a new version of GibStats out which supports Quake 2 v3.13, and for a description, here's one I found at the GibStats homepage:

You can display matches as graphs, player/player matrix (doom style), ranking, direct player vs player compare, single player analysis, highscore summary, clan tables and CTF team score tables. All these displays can be sorted (ascending and descending) by kills, deaths, frags, suicides, skill, efficiency, relative frags, maps played and all CTF scores. The data to be displayed can be limited to a map, a set of maps (game), all maps, the last x, kills, the last x maps or one specific map name. GibStats supports normal DM Quake, PainKeep, CTF (Threewave), CTF (Thunderwalker), TeamFortress, Future vs Fantasy, Hexen II and Superheroes. Data may be exported to HTML. The individual player data may be searched with via CGI. Client and server (not with all functions) logs can be used. All data except the scores is editable.

Check it out in the miscellaneous section.

New Design
Out with the old, in with the new. That's what a lot of people have said, but too bad most old people can't get that into their head. The old design looked pretty childish, so I changed it to this. I looked through a bunch of sites, and the ones I got my ideas from were LogicQuest, Blue's News, and My new e-mail account will be created in a few days...(Thanks Acid)...and I will be able to answer messages about just about anything you would like, including feedback on the page.

If you have some maps, skins, mods, etc., please e-mail them to me if they are 100kb or less with their name, description, author, etc. If they are above 100kb, tell me the address they are located on and I will make a link to them at my page.

This page is best viewed in 1024x768, but is ok in any setting smaller, but no bigger. Also, I recommend at least a 17" monitor when viewing this page.

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