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January News

Saturday, January 31, 1998

CR Bot v.99
Here are some notes from the news page: Not many new features are in v0.99, it's more like bugfix for v0.97. Hopefully, I fixed problem with bots getting stuck under water and in lava. New things: bots will try to avoid rockets and blaster/hyperblaster projectiles (the higher skill level, the better they suppose to avoid it). New var "bot_chat" for turning on/off kill/pain/death messages from bots. Couple of tweaks in shooting accuracy and decision code. Jumping and lava avoidance code still needs work...Check it out in the bots section.

Thursday, January 29, 1998

WorldCraft Editing Utility Q2 patch
If you have the editing utility WorldCraft from, then here is the Quake 2 patch for it...Some people must really want it...Check it out in the editing section.

Quake 2 Expert DM
The Quake 2 Version of Expert DM has been released. Here's some info. Expert Quake2 is the product of extended design focusing on game depth and playability. Through many means, including balance and lowered lethality, simple-minded tactics such as camping and ambushing are eliminated in Expert because they are ineffective, and reflexes and ping have a reduced role in the game. Only through great skill and teamwork can players excel at Expert...Check it out in the mods section.

Loki Minion's CTF v1.3
Here are some of the new features:

Check it out in the mods section.

Weapons Accelerator
A "mod" that you can put in any level as an item that lets you have fifty accelerated shots with the current weapon, and can be turned on and off...Check it out in the mods section.

QERadiant Build 037
Already there are changes to QERadiant, and some fixes too...Check it out in the editing section.

C.R. Bot v.98
The C.R.Bot has reached v0.98, with some really nice changes. "Mainly I was focusing on improving bot's jumping ability and on tweaking how bot decides to use certain weapon based on circumstances." It also includes a new menu system, a new skill level (0), the ability for dedicated servers to disallow the creation of bots from a client machine (for Internet C.R.Bot servers), and the ability to display stats about all the bots in the game...Check it out in the bots section.

A .MDL and .MD2 editor that's based on the MedDLe source code (for those that joined the QuakeMunity after MedDLe was dead, it was one of the first, and best, .MDL editors out there). StudioMDx can edit and save as both formats, and can also convert between the two formats (open as .MDL (Quake), save as .MD2 (Quake 2), and vice versa)...Check it out in the editing section.

New Rocket Arena 2 Server Version
This version address all of the stability issues and adds a bunch of new features. In addition to enhanced teamplay support and some fun stuff for observers, Rocket Arena 2 now has the most flexible map rotation/configuration of any mod...Check it out in the multiplayer section.

New Section
With all the new models our like Snork, and all them, I decided to make a models page, since they don't belong anywhere else.

Tuesday, January 27, 1998

DM Reviews Section Updates
Nevermind the prior message...I got the DM Reviews section set up by Rate, but not yet Name. I am going to have section on the main page of the DM Reviews section for how to install and use them.

DM Reviews Section
I got the DM Reviews section up and running, and also the Reviews section...I have only done the maps I rated 10, 9, and 8, but expect more today. Also, instead of having the news ticker at the bottom of the left frame, I decided to just remove it as I don't really need it anyway.

Menu Mod v1.0
You know that really cool mod that is used for Rocket Arena with the menus and stuff? Well, programmers can get this mod and use the menu on their own mods to make them more user-friendly...Check it out in the mods section.

New LavaBall Map
Icelandic Icebowl, a new map for LavaBall This is a large map, which is basically an inverted bowl of ice with a lava ceiling. One fun thing to try on this map: Use the superskate feature and slam into an opponent really hard. If you hit them at just the right angle, they will fly up the side of the bowl and into the lava ceiling...pretty neat!...Check it out in the mods section.

Quake 2 Monsters Model Pack
A pack of Quake 2 monster models...15 in all. Nice for deathmatch against your friends...Check it out in the skins section.(There are no other sections)

New levels
I am going to start taking the maps from my home collection of about 75 onto my page...I have been reviewing them for a while, but I guess it's time for them to get on my page. Go to the maps section to see all the new maps I have on my page.

Hologram Mod
Create a hologram of yourself to fool your opponent...hehe...Check it out in the mods section.

Damage Match Mod
A mod where you get points on how much damage you inflict on your opponent instead of mere frags...Check it out in the mods section.

Battle of the Sexes v2.2
It has been released with custom skins for all the classes, and a lot of new stuff with the BODYGUARDS, SUICIDING, etc...Check it out in the mods section.

QERadiant build 036
The editor has just come out with a bunch of new features...Check it out in the editing section.

Monday, January 26, 1998

Site Updating
I gave my site a new boost today by creating new pictures for it including the picture at the top and the picture in the top of the left frame...They aren't great, so if you can do better, please tell me (but ask first before sending pictures...please, unless smaller than 10kb) Also, LinkExchange had to go. It took too long of a time to load, and it was worthless. There are too many people using it for it to be effective. Also, I have changed just about the whole left frame. But, none of the REVIEWS links work yet. Also, the news ticker is still there, just at the bottom.

Saturday, January 24, 1998

Level Review Progress
I reviewed a bunch of levels last night...It is not going to be the best quality reviewing, but it should at least tell you about the quality of the level...I'll update my page with them when I have the time, which should be within the week!!!

Powerball v1.2
Some updates include new maps, the player with the ball is hilited and there are now multiple ball respawn points...Check it out in the mods section.

War of CTF v.96
Some new maps were added and the way some doors look have changed...Check it out in the mods section.

Some skins by e-mail
Since I got a new e-mail address, I got some new skins by e-mail:

Check them out in the skins section.

Wednesday, January 21, 1998

New E-mail address
Someone I would like to kill greatly deleted my Geocities account along with my e-mail address...Sooo, if you sent me mail within the past day or two, please send it again, so I can read it...BTW my new address is

Levels Galore
Here is a huge number of new files in PlanetQuake's collection, among which are conversions, etc...Here's a list of the files, and some descriptions:

Check it out in the maps section.

Millenium Skin Pack III
This is going to be the last skin pack from Millenium as he is "moving on to bigger and better projects"...With 6 new colors and some new Black male and female skins...60 in all...Check it out in the skin section. Battle of the Sexes v2.1
Even more patches and updates to make this mod even better...Check it out in the mods section.

War of CTF v.95
CTF neat thing about it is that you can turn CTF off and still have the grappling hook...Also, you can add items to the game...Check it out in the mods section.

Vanilla CTF Fix v.41
Don't you hate the lasers marking the flag bases in v0.4? Well, here's the patch to fix that...Check it out in the mods section.

Saturday, January 17, 1998

Battle of the Sexes v2.0
Here are the eight new features:

  1. Player map voting is now possible. The map list is driven by a file called "vote.lst" which lists the actual map name along with a description to display. Players can then vote on a new map and once all players have voted, the new map is loaded. To vote on a map type 'vote' in the console or bind it to a key.
  2. Player glows with color of key when carrying key.
  3. If a team gets 3 captures in a row, then all enemy teams get a Quad Rally! Basically, each member of the enemy teams gets quad damage. This gives them a chance to come back after getting their butt kicked.
  4. If Kamikazee has 31+ grenades, a suicide will trigger an Apocalypse that will destroy everything in sight! All targets have to be visible, if you cannot see the kamikazee you are safe from the Apocalypse.
  5. Keys show up properly in inventory as "Blue Team Key", "Red Team Key" or "Green Team Key". You can also drop a key you are carrying.
  6. Added "dropkey" alias to drop whatever key you are holding.
  7. Every thirty seconds a help message is displayed if help is turned on.
  8. Added "helpon" and "helpoff" aliases to allow the user to turn help messages on and off.

...Check it out in the modssection.

C.R. Bot v.96 Released
Here are the features:

Check it out in the bots section.

Friday, January 16, 1998

C.R. Bot v.95 Already!
There have been some problems with the bot crashing the game, so here's the bug fixed version...Check it out in the bots section.

Superman Skin
I think this Superman skin is pretty good...The logo on the front and back is done pretty well I must say...Check it out in the skins section.

Thursday, January 15, 1998

C.R. Bot v.94 Released
The C.R. Bot has be updated with new features like jumping and using the grenade launcher...He still need some help with the jumping though...Check it out in the bots section.

Tuesday, January 13, 1998 and Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Sorry...but just wait
Sorry about not having my files updated but I have a lot of studying to do for mid-terms which I have tomorrow and Monday through Wednesday. Expect some updates on the weedend and the Friday before, because I have school off for faculty meetings. :)

Monday, January 11, 1998

Battle of the Sexes v1.8
Yet another bug fix and some more enhancements on a pretty cool mod...Check it out in the mods section.

Another Millenium Skin Pack
If you liked the cool colored skin pack before, then these will be cool, but this time, they are for CTF...Check it out in the skins section.

Saturday, January 10, 1998

Rocket Arena 2 v1.2
I guess it's been out for a while, but I just noticed it going through some of PlanetQuake's old news...Sorry for not getting it when it first came out...Check it out in the multiplayer section.

Battle of the Sexes v1.7
Version 1.7 has been released...Check it out in the mods section.

C.R.Bot Added
Since there is a limited supply of Q2 bots, I thought it wouldn't matter if I put anything in the bots section...This bot, has some abilities of no ordinary bot that has come out yet, like the ability to find the health, etc. it needs and the ability to use the RL...Check it out in the bots section.

Saturday, January 10, 1998

New X-Men Skins Page
There's a cool new X-Men skins page by DaLink here. I'd chekc it out if you were interested in some good X-Men skins...I checked out his page, and he has got some good skins that he made...Check it out.

Q2 Clan Skin Pack
I received a skin pack from TheCult Clan, and I must say, the skins in it are pretty good...Check it out in the skins section.

Friday, January 9, 1998

I need feedback!
Ok...when I earn enough money for a domain, I am getting one, the problem is that I don't know whether to get a fully virtual domain or just a partial one. Also, I need to know what the address will www.?.com...please help.

Bunch of updates
Here's what I found on the web, mainly on PlanetQuake:

Sorry about the updating of this page...I had a poopload of homework to do but now it is the weekend where I live, so expect a lot...I have been working on the reviews a started with the level, mainly the DM ones. I need to know through e-mail what you would like me to review, such as weapon placement, size, etc...Ok, I finally had the time to download every level from the CDROM.COM archive and start doing the reviews. I found a place on the Internet that I could get a sponsor from (and I have been looking for one desperately), and they give me $.05 for every click on the banner that the people who come to this site do. I need to know if I put this new banner on my page, who would click on my sponsor, as to earn me money for a DOMAIN!!! which I could desperately use. I do not want to put the add on my site and not earn anything, as for it to be just a waste of time, so please, when I put the banner on my page, which should be in a week or so, please go to my sponsor, which, in the end, would benefit you. Thank you.

Mr. Baldy

Thursday, January 8, 1998

LCC_WIN32 Q2 Compiler Updated
I have gotten messages that the LCC_WIN32 compiler has been having some problems, and so here's the newest version that works with the new patches...Check it out in the editing section.

Tuesday, January 6, 1998

QuArK v4.07
The pretty cool Quake mod, now with Quake 2 support...With many features like a level editor, etc...Check it out in the editing section.

Monday, January 5, 1998

Quake 2 v3.10 update!
Yet another Quake 2 has been released by id. Sorry, I didn't have it right off but I had to do a ton of homework. These are the new features of the v3.10 patch:

qhost support
made qport more random
fixed map reconnecting
removed s_sounddir
print out primary / secondary sound buffer status on init
abort game after a single net error if not dedicated
fixed sound loss when changing sound compatability
removed redundant reliable overflow print on servers
gl_lockpvs for map development checking
made s_primary 0 the default

Check it out in the Essentails section.

New skin from BionicAntBoy...The skin for his clan
BionicAntBoy sent me in the skin for his clan...It is pretty good if I must say so myself...Check it out in the skins section.

ServerConfigMOD v1.4 released!
The very cool mod has just been updated...Check it out in the mods section.

DeCamper v0.1 Unleashed!
DeCamper is a mod where the player realize there is a camper, and they declare him as a camper. The players vote to declare him a camper. When a player is DeCamped, the following happens:

Check it out in the Multiplayer section.

Battle of the Sexes v1.5 Released!
The pretty cool mod to see who is better...the woman or the man...has just gotten better. Tons of new features have been added, including a setup like TeamFortress!!!...Check it out in the mods section.

Surprise!!! Surprise!!!
If it isn't too much work for me, I am going to start a level, mod, bot, and skin review for everyone! Please be aware that this is a test for me to see exactle how much work I can do including homework. So far, I've gotten a bunch of levels from CDROM.COM nad have started. I think I'll post them once I get a few rated.

Sunday, January 4, 1998

I got to Update!
I realized a few hours ago that tomorrow, I start school again after the Christmas holiday, and then I realized that I fogot to do a huge Spanish project! I thought I would be working on it all day, but I decided to update anyway. I had a ton of e-mails to reply to, so I was up half the night. But, I got it done, and here are some of the files sent to me, requests, etc:

I've decided to go to the CDROM.COM site and get almost all of their levels...I will not have the page done with them for a while so don't expect anything yet...I might even do reviews on them. Who knows?

Saturday, January 3, 1998

Get this font
To correctly view this page, you will need this font.

6 New Files for the archive
Here's what I got for you:

A good tool for tournament organizers!
Finally, something to help with those grueling hours of figuring out how to run those Quake 2 tournament. A program by David "crt" Wright that is explained here:

Tourney Maker is a simple program designed to help organizers plan and run tournaments. While aimed towards Quake/Online game tourneys it can be used for just about any competition (Pinewood derby, Basketball tourney, etc).
Some of its features:
* Up to 256 players/teams, individually named
* Round Robin and Elimination style tournaments
* Single, Double, Triple, or higher Elimination tournaments supported
* Supports multiple servers/arenas/tracks/courts, automatically assigns matches
* Logging of matches/results
* Source included

Check it out in the multiplayer section.

New skins
I picked up a few skins off the Stomped2 page:

Eraser Bot Alpha Version Released!
Finally, another bot has been created to compete against the FamkeBot. Read the Readme before reporting bugs...and believe me, it is real buggy! Check it out in the bots section.

WinQoole and GLQoole support Quake 2!
All right. The much anticipated release of one of the best level editors is finally out. You can read about the bug fixes and other technical stuff here...Check out the editing page for the download.

Loki Minion's CTF v1.21 Released!
The popular Quake 2 CTF mod has be updated and there have been bugfixes to it. For more info, visit Loki Minion's Capture the Flag Page.

Battle of the Sexes!
Boy this would be fun as a tournament with this mod. By the way, it gives different characteristics to men and women characters like jumping higher, etc., to see who is actually better, men or women characters in Quake 2! Check it out in the mods section.

Bad news everyone!
Today, I broke my little finger playing rugby on the beach and so it will take longer to update my page because I can't type. Also, tomorrow is the last day for my Christmas holiday at school, so I will have to do homework, AAAHHH!!! Don't expect much in the way of updating, probably once or twice a week at the most through the school year. Sorry!

Friday, January 2, 1998

All right! The page is up and running. I went through most of the files and made the file size avaliable on the page. Everything is also organized so it won't take a year to load the whole thing. If you have downloaded something from this page, and I do not have the file size written here, please
e-mail and tell me the file name, the section it is in, and the file size, OF COURSE! Please read the message above concerning help for the page!