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February News
Friday, February 27, 1998

jawMD2 v1.29 Released
A new version has been released with better zooming, and shadowed models...Check it out in the editing section.

Quake2 CTF v1.01 Released
Right on the heels of the new v3.13 release for Quake2, Zoid has released an update for CTF...Check it out in the mods section.

QERadiant v.44
A new version with some features that "rock"...Check it out in the editing section.

Wednesday, February 25, 1998

Bad News
More grades problems...less computer time, which means none, except for ICQ. Also, my e-mail account hasn't been created yet, which is definately not a plus. I got on today for 30 min. and updated as well as I could. Also, a switch to Style Sheets may be in the process for this page, so updating still might be a little slow...Boy, for missing 10 days, there has not been that much to update.

Jailbreak v1.5
Here is some news I picked up from the Jailbreak homepage:

I would like to remind everyone that you CANNOT play jailbreak on v3.12. You will get a "initialization error" if you try to set up a server running 3.12. This is not a bug of Jailbreak - we just need to recompile once the new source is released. You can still play on servers that are running on the old v3.10 Quake2, but you will need to get your old 3.10 exe in order to do that. I'm as axious as the rest of you to get Jailbreak working under 3.12.. Hopefully it won't be too much longer

Check it out in the mods section.

Point Release v3.12!
"The Point Release is out! Here's whats included: 8 new DM maps, cooperative play option, and a ton of bug fixes" Great...more DM maps. The ones now are getting boring. Also, hopefully, the monsters won't get stuck in the walls...Check it out in the essentials section.

New SoundPack
Rikard from Sweden has made a soundpack for Quake2...Check it out in the sounds section.

Battle of the Sexes v2.7
Another new version of the Battle of the Sexes mod has been released. Here is some info on the updating:

1) Nurses cannot poison teammates any longer. If a teammate has posioned your health it will tell you that you cannot use the health because it is posioned but it will not hurt you. 2) After much feedback on this question the speed has been given to the women. Since men are heavier due to carrying more armor and ammo it makes sense. 3) Grapple cell usage has been slightly altered based on class: 4) Added new map entities: (bots_goal_blue, bots_goal_red, bots_goal_green) By using these entities in your custom maps it changes the gameplay of BotS. Instead of capturing a key by touching your own team's key, you capture by touching your team's glowing pedestal while holding the enemy key. 5) Added another excellent server to Gamespy Tab and website. Clan Braveheart - IP# Port# 27915 Bugs Fixed ---------- 1) Server crashing bug fixed related to Kamikazees

Check it out in the mods section.

I saw on the Battle of the Sexes page that v3.13 had been released...Again, I'll put it in the essentials section.

Sunday, February 15, 1998

C.R. Bot v.99c
Here's some stuff picked up from the C.R. Bot Homepage:

"Oops, teamplay in v0.99b was broken (bots were trying to attack members of their own team), I'm uploading fixed version 0.99c right now, enjoy. Thanks khudson for early bug-report. Also, I forgot to mention yesterday that chaingun and hyperblaster handling code was fixed to include starting and stopping delays, so bots will be on par with normal player."

Check it out in the bots section.

Saturday, February 14, 1998

Valentine's Day
Well, happy Valentine's Day to all you people out there, and good luck with girlfriends and whatnot. Also, sorry for not updating. I had rugby practice and games all Friday through tomorrow (Sunday), but I got the page working correctly in time before that. Hey, you guys checked out the new design PlanetQuake has? E-mail me some stuff for the editorials section on how you like it...Personally, I am not sure about it (Too complicated).......One more thing, my e-mail is down and I am expecting about 600 messages, so hold your horses on getting replies. I will though, reply to every message that needs one.

Cyberathlete Mod
There wasn't a single thing about it, so I don't really know what you would be downloading. If you know what it is, please e-mail me with it, and I'll post some info for everyone else to see...Otherwise check it out in the mods section.

5thD's m2m
An editing utility where you can change any Quake map into a Quake 2 one, even with Quake mission pack support!...Check it out in the editing section.

Holy Wars v2.0b6
A new beta version that fixes some bugs like the memory leak bug, but not the ghost bug...This is only an upgrade that will work with previous betas...Check it out in the mods section.

Eraserbot v.6
"Teamplay is there, zip/unzip is there to reduce the strain on disk space, latency simulation is there, and lots of other more insignificant changes/fixes."...Check it out in the bots section.

Monday, February 9, 1998

CryHavoc Mod
"This is a DEATHMATCH ONLY patch, it does not support coop or single player modes. Team play by model might be possible, yet it has not been tested. On joining a server you are put into observer mode. In observer mode, you cannot move, shoot, or do anything. So, you might want to change classes. The current character classes available are: Sniper, Soldier, NavySeal, Rocketman, Sapper, Techy, and Vampire." They each have different skills, etc...Check it out in the mods section.

Sunday, February 8, 1998

Thanks LogicQuest
Thanks to the people at LogicQuest, I know have a better home than before. Be sure to visit them at to check out all the good Quake engine games stuff. LogicQuest is also home to other cool pages like BodyShop and others. Thanks LQ!

Fox & Hound Mod
One client is the fox, the rest are hounds. The fox will try to stay alive for the set period of time, and if the fox does so, it wins. The hounds try to kill the fox. When a hound kills the fox, the hound wins and becomes the next fox. Make sense? ... Check it out in the mods section.

Holy Wars v2.0b2
Again, this is another beta, but it has some new bug fixes including the halo "stands back" too much - the current "butterfly effect" is cool to see, but can be a problem if you're very lagged, and a Bad Big Bug could happen when some players left halfway through a game...Check it out in the mods section.

Site Updates
I have made the A-C category in the DM reviews section. Also, I have changed the download's section fonts for better viewing, and I think, it just plain look better.

Saturday, February 7, 1998

I'm Alive
No...I haven't fallen off the face of the earth or something, just been banned from the computer for a while because of my grades [I on't got two C's] but my parents expect a lot more than that. Also, I am moving to LogicQuest real soon. Thanks LQ. Boy do I have a lot of updating to do!

Battle of the Sexes v2.4
Lots of new stuff!

  1. Added the following custom map flags to entities. They can be used in combination with one another or separately: 'bots_team' - An entity with this flag can only be used by the specified team. So for example, if you added this flag to a door and gave it a value of '1', only team #1 would be able to open the door. This works for doors, platforms, triggers, etc. "bots_class" - An entity with this flag can only be used by the specified player class. So for example, if you added this flag to a door and gave it a value of '1', only a Captain would be able to open the door. This works for doors, platforms, triggers, etc.
  2. Men now run faster than women. Additionally, certain classes now move slower (eg. Enforcer).
  3. Increased speed of sniper zoom ('cmd sight' command)
  4. Once the last person has disconnected, the server resets the current map so that when the next player connects all the scores, bodies, etc. are cleared.
  5. You can no longer put sticky proximity grenades on doors
  6. Sniper alarms remain until the player changes classes or changes teams. They are not removed when the player dies.
  7. Snipers and Captains can now quickly relay the alarm messages to their teammates using the 'cmd sendalarm' command.
  8. Snipers can now name their alarms. Using the command 'cmd alarm1 [name]', 'cmd alarm2 [name]' and 'cmd alarm3 [name]' the Sniper can name their alarms to print more meaningful messages. For example, the sniper can type 'cmd alarm1 bridge'. Now when they see the alarm go off it will say: 'Bridge alarm was tripped by: Soldier Pain'. You can name the alarms before or after you place the alarm.
  9. When the grapple hits an enemy it does 30 pts of damage (nice aim) and then shuts itself off. You can no longer stay hooked to someone until they die.
  10. The kamikazee message 'LagDaddy is rewiring a proximity grenade' is now only visible to the Kamikazee's teammates.
  11. Proximity grenades now explode when the player dies, switches classes or switches teams.
  12. Kamikazee gets detpipes. Detpipes can only be deployed by grenade launcher. They will sit there until the Kamikazee issues the 'cmd detpipe' command. The pipes will also blow if the Kamikazee dies, switches classes or switches teams.
  13. Limit on detpipes is 8. Limit on proximity grenades is 8 at any given time. So if you put down 8 and 2 go off, you have 2 more you can place.
Remember to check it out in the mods section.

QERadiant .41
A new version of QERadiant but tends to crash sometimes...Check out QERadiant for more info...Check it out in the editing section.

JawMD2 v1.28
A pretty cool MD2 editor / viewer with some good features...Check it out in the editing section.

StudioMDx v.08b
Version 08.b of MDx, the Quake and Quake2 model viewer program is out...Check it out in the editing section.

Expert Q2 v1.1
A new version has been release in the mods section.

Mail Problems
Someone, who is a real dick, has deleted another one of my e-mail addresses. Whoever is doing this is such a fag, and they act like such a baby. Stop the immaturity.

Sunday, February 1, 1998

New Section
I know I have not completed the current sections, but I need something to give this site a boost, as I am losing visitors fast. I have decided to put up an editorials section, like the PlanetQuake mailbag, where you can submit stories, comments, etc. and have them posted. I'll also put my comments and then you (everyone else) can also submit you comments.

Page Updating
I have experimented with fonts and stuff on this page, and I found one I like pretty good. You need to get this font (r_ansi).

Battle of the Sexes v2.3
Here are some new features. Boy, are there a lot of them.

  1. Bodyguard has new "decoy" command that allows them to glow like his/her team's color to draw off an attack by confusing the enemy. The glow lasts for 20 seconds.
  2. Sniper gets 3 silent alarms that can be placed on walls to signal when enemy players are approaching using the "alarm" command. When an enemy gets near an alarm a message is displayed to the Sniper and team Captain(s) indicating which alarm was triggered and the class and name of the player triggering the alarm. The enemy will not see that they have triggered an alarm unless they see the alarm attached to the wall. If more than one enemy triggers the alarm at the same time, they will all be listed. When the Sniper dies the alarms self destruct. 50 cells are required to place an alarm.
  3. Nurses get flash grenades. The flash grenades will explode 1 second after throwing them or if they touch an enemy. You will be informed if you momentarily blinded the enemy. The enemy has to be looking at the flash grenade in order to be blinded. The effects wear off after about 2 seconds. The effect can be immediately cured by jumping in the water.
  4. Bodyguard can now place defense lasers using the "laser" command. Once placed, the laser can be turned off and on using "laseron" and "laseroff". However, if the laser is left on for more than 15 seconds it will self destruct. 50 cells are required to build a laser and only one laser can be built at a time. When the Bodyguard dies the laser self destructs. You can also destroy the laser manually by using the "laserkill" command if you don't like the laser placement. However, you will need 50 more cells to build a new one. The laser will be the color of the Bodyguard's team's color.
  5. Whenever a Berzerker issues the "scout" command, the results are also displayed on the team captain's screen. The Captain can request the Berzerker to scout to determine the makeup of the enemy team(s).
  6. Added "autoid" command that turns on the automatic display of the information of the player you are looking at.
  7. Added "scorelimit" server variable to end the game when a team score reaches the limit
  8. Updated Entity files for maps listed in "VOTE.LST"
  9. Lowered taunt limit to 5 per minute

Check it out in the mods section...I wish Spinoza would stop changing it so much. It is a good mod, but I am tired of updating every time it comes out! No offence to you Spinoza.

Quake 2 Launcher
The first Quake 2 frontend to my knowledge has been released, except for Whack of course...I guess it is like the old QuakeFront, but the page doesn't tell much about the program. You need the first version, and then keep downloading patches for it, instead of a new big download each day or week. Here's the author's page, although he doesn't tell you much about the FrontEnd....NOTE: The program won't work if you use a display setting of less than 1024x768...Check it out in the miscellaneous section. Where else could I put it?

If you have some maps, skins, mods, etc., please e-mail them to me if they are 100kb or less with their name, description, author, etc. If they are above 100kb, tell me the address they are located on and I will make a link to them at my page.

This page is best viewed in 800x600, but is ok in any setting smaller, but no bigger. Also, I recommend at least a 17" monitor when viewing this page.

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