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The page is finally done, and I've made two versions, I guess for fun. Also, I couldn't figure out which one was better. Here's a little bit on each section.

Tutorials : Here you can find information you need to learn HTML, or make graphics, or many other things.

Free gfx : Here you can find free general graphics for use on your own pages.

Design Tips : Here is some free information about tips and tricks for making webpages and whatnot.

Templates : Here you can find templates to make your own pages easier.

Reviews : Want to know something about a specific program or want to know which program is the best? Here you go.

Consultation : Need help with a webpage? Talk with me about it.

Contact : Need to talk to me about anything? Contact me.

Oh yeah. I saw a good article on PlanetQuake, entitled So You Want to be a Webmaster?. It's pretty informative. It's by Fairuz Lokman. For those of you who weren't paying attention, in August 1997 (yup, about 1.5 years ago) there was another good article there, Webpage 101 by Fargo. That goes through a ton of webpage tips. Check those out.

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