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Tuesday, April 21, 1998Submit news here

Great name...A new utility to make editing server-side stuff easier...Here are the features I got from the page:

  • Map rotation defined by config file, with ability to specify mininum and maximum number of players for a map.
  • MOTD in an external file.
  • All death messages controlled from a config file.
  • Ability to ban names and addresses from your server.
  • Competition mode available. (See documentation for full extent of features included with competition mode)
  • Vweapon support, which is toggleable on a per-war basis.
  • Clients are able to specify custom HUD layout, on the fly.
  • Team and player statistics available in competiton mode after wars.

Get it in the mods section.

Mr. Baldy

Monday, April 20, 1998Submit news here

SConfigMod v2.2
After two finals, and a bunch of cool features, a new version has been released. Here's what I picked up from their page:

There was a problem with the 'cmd id' for player identification, which is now fixed in this new release. Also added, Rank and Player total to the HUD, which of course can be turned on or off by the server admin in the config file or at the console. You can now also enable/disable the Time remaining on the HUD too. In regard to the id fix, here's how it works now: Spectators can id players in the game if they are floating around, players cannot id spectators, and players can id other players.
I guess a final for this mod is just a myth...But the previous, most up-to-date version is in the mods section.

Mr. Baldy

QuickStart v1.5
New updates everyday! All very small fixes and such too. This one adds a new splash screen, and a few bug fixes...Not much, but an update none the less...Get it in the frontends section.

Mr. Baldy

Battle of the Sexes v2.9.4
A new server-side update has been released...New features include:

New Features

1) Kamikazee now has to have at least 100 health to perform an Apocalypse suicide otherwise it will be downgraded to a Quad suicide. Kamikazee's must also have a positive frag count to perform Apocalypse and Quad sucides. Also, the minimum number of grenades for a Quad sucide has been increased to 11. Apocalypse has also been moved to a level 2 Kamikazee skill.
2) Autoid range has been shortened and will NOT identify a cloaked sniper
3) When you type a message to your team or to everyone, your rank will be displayed before your name:

Level 0 - Grunt
Level 1 - Private
Level 2 - Sergeant
Level 3 - Lieutenant

Team Captains will always have "Captain" before their name regardless of the level.
4) Backpacks only supply 5 grenades per pack
5) By default a file called "bots.cfg" will be executed if it exists. This allows you to centrally locate many bindings in a single file if you like. Make sure the "bots.cfg" file is in your "bots" directory.
6) Added skill commands to decrease the number of bindings necessary. There are three skill commands called "skill1", "skill2" and "skill3". Here is what they do for each class:

skill1 = Displays the promotion menu (promote)
skill2 = Displays the create item menu (create)
skill3 = Uses the tracking device (tracker)

skill1 = Turns lasers on (laseron)
skill2 = Turns lasers off (laseroff)
skill3 = Activates decoy mode (decoy)

skill1 = Toggles the laser sight on and off (sight)
skill2 = Sends the most recent alarm message to the rest of the team (sendalarm)
skill3 = Uses the tracking device(tracker)

skill1 = Activates split mode rockets for level 3 soldiers (splitmode)
skill2 = Uses a Quad damage powerup if it exists in the inventory (use quad damage)

skill1 = Activates rage mode (rage)
skill2 = Uses a Quad damage powerup if it exists in the inventory (use quad damage)

skill1 = Toggles stealing of ammo on and off (steal)
skill2 = Displays the disguise menu for a level 3 infiltrator (disguise)

skill1 = Commits suicide with different degrees of damage radius based on grenade/health count (suicide)
skill2 = Detonate all deployed detpipes (detpipe)
skill3 = Switch to launch detpipes from the grenade launcher (detmode)

skill1 = Toggles poison mode on and off (poison)
skill2 = Activates the healing device for a level 3 nurse (heal)

7) Snipers cannot cloak while holding the flag
8) More code streamlined to improve performance
9) Net friendly blaster and hyperblaster

Bug Fixes

1) Health no longer remains poisoned after the player rejoins, switches classes or disconnects
2) You no longer lose a frag when fatally poisoned
3) Score display improved to show full 3 digit score
4) Minor bug fixes

Get it in the class mods section.

Mr. Baldy

Thanks to everyone who helped out. I got a ton of people to submit logos, and another ton to apply for jobs. I think I have found enough people for the level reviewing job, but only one for the mod/bot/tc/pc review slots. If you want to help with that space, please e-mail me. Also, no one has volunteered for the news updator spot, which is a drag for me...Come on! I need help with this page, which is turning out to be a big project. Thanks for all that helped. BTW, you can find the logos not used but received an honorable mention here.

Mr. Baldy

Weapons Factory v2
In this new, and BIG change, here are the new files:

  • Map Voting - The Weapons Factory mod already had server defined map rotations. Now players can use the "vote" command to vote for the next map. See the Welcome section for details.
  • Play Any Sound - Use the "cmd wfplay" command to play any sound in any active .pak file. Unlike the Q2 play command, the wfplay command will let other players hear the sound too (if the are close enough). I love playing the evil laugh after fragging someone! There are some great sounds that come with the WF pak file. See the Welcome section for details.
  • New Skins! - Thanks to Alan Yen, the Weapons Factory has new skins! Alan has let use use his Corona, Matrix and Crasher skins. They look great!
  • New Map - Tom has released his new SlabCTF5 map, and I've included it in the client file.
  • Grenade Limits - There is now a limit to the number of active grenades each player can have. The limits are 4 proximity, 4 goodyear, 2 turret and 1 laserball. You won't be able to use another grenade that goes past the limit until a grenade of that type explodes.
  • Reduced Grenade Damage- The strength of the laserball and turret grenades have been reduced.
  • Lag Reducing Hyperblaster - The Hyperblaster can cause a lot of lag on Internet servers. This mod changes the hyperblaster so it shoots lasers instead. Thanks to Mario[RIP] for this contribution.
  • Turret Grenade Changes - In addition to reducing the power of the turret grenades, they now show the team colors! In addition, they are now shootable. The homing rockets will now seek out turret grenades. It may take a few tries to hit them - they are small and constantly moving! The Hyperblaster can also destroy a turret grenade.

Get it in the weapons mods section.

Mr. Baldy

Sunday, April 19, 1998Submit news here

Qoole v2.41
As seen from are the new features, fixed, etc:

  • GUI code optimizations, making Qoole a bit faster overall.

  • Textures weren't being extracted (for QRad3's use), this caused surfaces to have no default texture properties, which resulted in things like solid water (bug introduced after v2.31).

  • Fullscreen Voodoo 2 support was broken with final 2.50 drivers.

  • Copy was shifting texture for locking, even with the option off.

  • Mouse movement more precise for vertex/edge/face manipulation.

  • Included Rocket Arena II entity set.

Head on over to the editing section, to get yourself a copy.

Mr. Baldy

Deathmatch Manager v2.0
There are some big time, but much needed changes in this new version including CTF support, VWep, Eraserbot support, Gibstats support, and a bunch of bug fixes and enhancements. I guess all mods need to implement these things these days, but this ones got them now. I've got it too.

Mr. Baldy

The assassins mod is a new one where each player is assigned to kill another one. If they kill the wrong one, they lose points...Get it in the mods section.

Mr. Baldy

Q2Comp Mod
The goal of Q2Comp is to have a competition mod that does not add new features to Quake 2, but adds new functionality to Quake 2 to allow fair team matches and Free-For-Alls. The Quake 2 Competition Mod, or Q2Comp for short, follows in the tradition of the ClanRing and QWRing mods for Quake...You can get it in the mods section.

Mr. Baldy

Lithium v.99
Just a bunch of little bugs were fixed...typical, except that he's been working on Qoole...Get it in the mods section.

Mr. Baldy

EFE v2.1
Funny enough, this version again fixes the ''' is not a valid integer bug', and more misc others...Check it out in the frontends section.

Mr. Baldy

LMCTF v3.03
Not much of an update, it just fixes the flying grappling hook for a server update...Get it in the CTF section.

Mr. Baldy

ActionQuake v.89
New features include:

  • You cannot fire accurately while running (affects mgun and pistol). This is to prevent circle strafe fights and such - which have no place in an Action Movie!
  • You can no longer drop grenades if you are using them. Some people were using this to cheat (including Bartender - doh!) Dats ok tho, he only did it "once.."
  • If someone shoots his enemy off a ledge, out a window etc. causing them to die from fall damage, the attacker recieves a frag and the target does not lose one!
  • One or two new death messages

Get it in the weapons mods section.

Mr. Baldy

Saturday, April 18, 1998Submit news here

News Redesign
As you can see, the whole news page, is completely different, but better. I will probably be making more changes with it later, but this is the basic template for it. Also, the picture at the top really sucks. It is just a temporary one, and I would like some people to make a new one for me, if possible. It needs to be 500x150 like the one up. Also, even though there are sections at the bottoms like HowTo and such, they don't work, so don't try them. The only ones that work are News, Archives, and Links, but I will work on the others sections as much as possible. I am supposed to have some guy helping me, but I have not seen him doing much, except he told me he was going to do some work in the skins section. I don't know though. I want to expand this site as much as possible to make it the best. What I want to have is someone to do level reviews, someone to do mod, bot, tc, and pc reviews, and someone to do any other needed jobs (I have someone to do this)...If you can help that would be great. Just send mail to me, and tell me which job you want to do. Thanks.

Mr. Baldy

HologramMod v1.5
A mod where you can create a Hologram of yourself to fool the enemy. New to this version are server varibles for Hologram movement, and number of Holograms allowed. Holograms can me move remotely by you, or they can mimic you which means they do everything you do except stay in one place...Check it out in the mods section.

Mr. Baldy

the Reckoning AVI
Good News: There's a cool AVI about the new mission pack: The Reckonging...Bad News: 10mb...More Good News: It's in the Windows files section.

Mr. Baldy

SConfigMod v2.1 Final
After a few Finals, this is believed the be the real one. Here is the info direct from the TXT file:

Fixed QW Style Fraglogging, fully working now, enchanged GibStat support, using the VERY LATEST code direct from the author. Now via the server.cfg file you can determine the name of the logfile and whether to enable or disable GibStat logging. You can also simultaneously keep QW Style fraglogs (activate this in your config.txt file). Full ServObit support and everything the PR and betas supplies. I hope you find it to be an excellent solution for all your DM needs.

I even downloaded this patch, I think it rules. DM the way it was meant to be...and to you.

Mr. Baldy

WoD v5.3
New to this weapons mod are bugless cluster bombs, kamikazee, and chasecam. Also, the burst-fire mode for the machinegun was added. No more viewable custom models. There were many problems, so they are no more. If I must say so myself, I downloaded this mod, and it is one of the best if not the best weapons mods.

Mr. Baldy

Q2Ring v.4
Here's a mod that has an observer mode, two teams with up to 8 people on a team, and easy switching between FFA and match modes. It could be cool. It is in the mods section.

Mr. Baldy

EFE v2.01b
From the EFE page, I picked up this stuff:

This should put an end to the '" is not a valid integer bug' that many of you are recieving. It involves the new ctf_auto_teams command and how I checked to see if its value was greater than zero or not. I had to convert the string to an integer which can cause some errors. I have removed all of the StrToInt functions in EFE, so it should work correctly. I've been pretty busy these last few days and I kind of just through this features in without really testing it or anything. Sorry to cause you all this trouble.

Also, there is this quick note:

I found a quick fix for those of you suffering from the '" is not a valid integer" problem. The first time you run EFE, go under the [Server] tab and change the value of the CTF Auto Teams box to something other than nothing. Then close EFE. The next time you start EFE, you should be able to do everything as before. I will be posting a fix shortly, I just need to get home and fix it.

It should be bug free, so download it in the frontends section.

Mr. Baldy

Wally v1.0
It's Wally the WAL editor, and from their popular tv show:

> Enhancements:

Flood fill (even does filling over tiled borders!)
Big cursor for drawing tools
Constraining tool (vertical/horizontal)
Pattern Paint
Added some more tool widths (4, 6, and 8)
Copy to clipboard, copy to clipboard as tiled image
Mirror, flip, and rotate (left/right, 90-180-270 degrees)
Misc. GUI stuff

Kiddies, head on over to the editing section to grab a copy.

Mr. Baldy

QuickStart v1.48
Another new relatively small update...whose new features include fixing graphics problems, added map picture, easter eggs, and squashed a small bug...Go land yourself in the frontends section.

Mr. Baldy

2 New Frontends
There are two new frontends:

  • CRBot Frontend - A frontend for the CRBot
  • 3ZB Frontend - The only known frontend for the 3ZB Bot

You can get both of these in the frontends section.

Mr. Baldy


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