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6.22.98 1:08PM

Almost done.....
I've finished all the work I can...and I've done everything through the guitars section, which I can't do.

6.22.98 1:05AM

More work completed....
I guess I'm using this as a log on the progress I'm making. I haven't told Greg about this page yet, since he's out of town, and I want to surprise him with it. So far I have finished all the Southpark sections, and all the Other sections. I will be working on downloads and guitar stuff later.

6.19.98 11:32PM

Ok...This is Mr. Baldy, and I am redesigning Greg's page. It could kick ass, and with this new design, I want it to kick some more. Currently, I have only finished the main layout (which took a LONG time!, especially fixing up some JavaScript) and have finished the news page and the episode summaries page. I am expecting this redesign to take about 3 weeks if I don't do much each day, but should be done a little sooner if I work to full extent. I know the logo sucks, I but I will be looking into someone to do a better one for me a little later, and this one is to just 'fill in'.

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