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Tip Pack #1

Here's a little pile of Design tips:

  • Keep your page simple. The more specific the page, the easier to update.
  • People come to your page for content. Make a page concerning information people want. If you make a page about nothing, no one will come.
  • Work with people outside your expertise for their tips and insights
  • Using pencil and paper to figure out your site map is a good way to go
  • Keep in mind the whole table has to load to view it. Don't make your entire site a table with lots of content or people will wait for days to view it.
  • Make sure your page is viewable in all desktop settings and browsers. Try changing desktop settings, colors, and browsers to make sure your page looks good. Not everyone uses the same desktop settings as you do.
  • Develop a good color scheme before you do anything.
  • Don't make people wait for your site to load
  • Don't make more than 4 frames
  • Anything goes, but keep it simple
  • Make seamless backgrounds
  • Tests scripts in bost browsers
  • Make margins
  • Keep your goal in mind
  • Consistency
  • See your page as a user would
  • Don't make too many links. You'll confuse the user.
  • Learn Shockwave. It will be the thing of the future.
  • Get a web page counter to see if people are actually coming to your page.
  • Give your site variety. Get a random quote or image generator.
  • Submit your site to every search engine, and popular news sites concerning your content

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