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Comments, Doctypes, and Metas
Tutorial by
Mr. Baldy

The title of this tutorial may confuse you, or it may mean nothing to you. It can be important, if you decide to use them, but they are not necessary for pages.

First of all, everyone who have worked with a programming language before understands comments. They let you put text in the HTML document that only someone viewing the source could see. It is used as markers, so people won't lose their place, and it also used to make things a little more organized when working with a complex page. They are simple to make, but there is only one way to make them:

<!-- Comment Here -->

The spaces before and after the comment don't have to be there, but they make it look better :) . They can also be broken up.


          Comment Here


Everything in between the <!-- and the --> are in the comment, even if you put HTML tags.

Now on to the !Doctype tag. They aren't necessary at all; they just define the type of document. If you want to put it in, it is the first line of the document, and should always appear like this:

<!doctype html public "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0//EN">

Pretty much a useless tag, but some people think it makes the page load faster. I don't use it though.

Finally there is META. There are lots of variations to this. META tags provide a description of the properties of the document. There are a few main attributes you need to know. They are description, keywords, author, generator, refresh, and a few others. There is one basic template for the META tags:

<meta name="X" content="Y">

In the X spot, you put either DESCRIPTION, KEYWORDS, AUTHOR, GENERATOR, or REFRESH. Description gives a basic description of the site. Keywords lists keywords to help with searches in search engines. The more words you add, the more hits you should get. Author states the author. Generator is mainly used by HTML generators, you may or may not want that. Refresh is a little different. It sets an amount of time for the page to automatically open another page. It is like this:

<meta name="refresh" content="X,">

The X is a number in seconds, and there are no spaces, then a comma, then the address to open up. This is useful if your page has moved, and you can put a little message, then automatically open up the address for your new page.

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