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The Internet Glossary
Written by
Mr. Baldy

¤¤¤ Absolute Link : A link with the complete internet address (ex:

¤¤¤ Address : An electronic location

¤¤¤ American Standard Code for Information Interchange : See ASCII

¤¤¤ Anchor : The location of the starting link that refers to another location

¤¤¤ Archive : Collection of information usually from the past

¤¤¤ ASCII : A text-only file that can be read by all word processors.

¤¤¤ Attribute : Setting that effects properties of parts of HTML documents

¤¤¤ Bitmap .BMP : Image type

¤¤¤ Bookmark : Hot list of important locations

¤¤¤ Browser : Program used to convert HTML code into viewable information

¤¤¤ CGI : Programming language that can create HTML code based on user's input

¤¤¤ Domain : Address consisting of some text and numbers followed by a .COM, .EDU, .INT, .NET, .GOV, and .MIL. Some new ones are being created

¤¤¤ Download : A file transfer protocol where information is taken from the internet to your computer

¤¤¤ Dynamic HTML : New programming language that allows appearance of the web page to change when the user interacts with it

¤¤¤ Element : An HTML tag

¤¤¤ E-mail : (Electronic Mail) A message sent from one user to another or many over a network

¤¤¤ E-mail Address : The electronic address of a user connected to a system, from which they can send a receive e-mail

¤¤¤ Extension : The Last 3 letters or numbers of a file's full name, which tells what type of file it is, and tells which program is used to access it.

¤¤¤ FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

¤¤¤ Firewall : Security programs that create a virtual wall where people cannot access the network

¤¤¤ Fixed-width Type : A font such as Courier where all the characters are the same width.

¤¤¤ Freeware : Something absolutely free avaliable for download

¤¤¤ FTP : (File Transfer Protocol) The rules that allow the downloading and uploading of files onto another computer system

¤¤¤ GIF : (Graphics Interchange Format) The extension used for a type of BMP image commonly used on the internet

¤¤¤ Homepage : The opening welcome page of a complete internet site

¤¤¤ HTML : (Hypertext Markup Language) The 'programming' language consisting of embedded entities to create documents to be view on the internet

¤¤¤ Hyperlink : See link

¤¤¤ Icon : Small button or graphic in which you click to open another document or file

¤¤¤ internet : Connection of 2 or more computer systems on a network

¤¤¤ Internet : The main network of computers to create a huge range of information

¤¤¤ Internet Service Provider : ISP : The company that sells you a user name to indirectly connect to the internet through. You connect to them, and they are connected to the Internet

¤¤¤ JPEG or JPG : Another version of the BMP image file extension with higher quality and file size than GIFs

¤¤¤ Keyword : Words in the META tag to help search engines rank sites.

¤¤¤ Link : Highlighted word, phrase, or graphic that when clicked transfers the user to another document on the web.

¤¤¤ Login : Putting in your USER and PASSWORD to gain access to files.

¤¤¤ Mailing List : E-mail distribution to multiple people, usually in a discussion group

¤¤¤ MIDI : A form of music for the computer. Generally takes us very little memory and file space, but is low quality.

¤¤¤ MIME : Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions : Standard for sending e-mail containing test, gfx, audio, video, and other multimedia objects.

¤¤¤ Monospaced Text : Text where all the characters take up the same amount of space. Mainly used in programmers editors to line up text. (IE : Courier New)

¤¤¤ MPEG : Standard for audio and video files.

¤¤¤ NCSA : National Center for Supercomputing Applications : Center of computing and telecommunications at U.o.Illonois. Developper of Mosaic browser, and most famous HTML guide. (Mine is more extensive :)

¤¤¤ Newsgroup : A discussion group for a particular topic, using a public mailbox

¤¤¤ Pixel : A dot that is the smallest part of any image on the monitor. Desktop settings (ie : 640x480, 800x600, etc.) represent amount of pixels visible on your screen at one time. Higher is better.

¤¤¤ Server : Computer programmed to communicate with client systems

¤¤¤ SGML : Standard Generalized Markup Language : An internationally accept text-processing language

¤¤¤ Shareware : A program that is fully-functional for a limited time, then which needs to be registered or bought.

¤¤¤ Upload : Process using the file transfer protocol for sending files from a client system to the server

¤¤¤ URL : Uniform Resource Locator : An Internet address with the protocol (ftp:, http:, gopher:), the name of the server (, and the directories of folders with the optional filename.

¤¤¤ W3c : World Wide Web Consortium : Organization that develops standards for HTML and the World Wide Web.

¤¤¤ WAV : Windows sound file type

¤¤¤ WWW : World Wide Web : A hypertext-based information system for sharing information

¤¤¤ XML : Extensible Markup Lanaguage : Web language to be. Will enable complex hyperlinks, supporting long documents, and allowing customizable tags.

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