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The Complete Beginner's HTML Guide
Tutorial by
Mr. Baldy

Well, I guess you are here, because you are interested in learning HTML, so you can design your own web pages. It's not that difficult actually, and can be used very well in situations where, you can't use Excel to make the table the way you want, or WordPerfect just won't give you exactly what you want.

This set of guides is aimed at teaching you some major parts of HTML, but this will NOT compare to the quality of a good HTML book. I do NOT recommend HTML For Dummies, simply because it does not go into detail about the language, and is not intended for truly serious people. I recommend the book HTML in Plain English by Sandra E. Eddy, which has a COMPLETE overview of everything, including specialty tags, frames, tables, and cascading style sheets. It's not intended for the totally new user however, and you will be better off getting the book if you read this tutorial first. The way the book is organized is that it has every tag in alphabetical order (it also includes specialty characters), and it tells all the options that can be applied to that tag to make it work the way you want. Now, we move on.

First of all, HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language as it is called is the language of the web. "Hypertext allows a user to connect disconnected chunks of text and multimedia-graphics, animation, audio, and video-into an informal network of information." In other words, hypertext is just a link which connects a few pages. Enough with this crap, ON TO THE TUTORIAL!

Getting ready

Ok...on the subject of HTML, I think there are only a few way of writing it that are acceptable. Do NOT go out and buy Frontpage. You'll regret it later. Everything you do SHOULD be done by hand, hard coding everytime. With every page I make, I do everything from scratch, except I make templates and stick with them, and copy and paste any HTML that doesn't need to be re-written. Ok. I'll make this easy: I TARZAN. YOU JANE. I USE NOTEPAD. YOU USE NOTEPAD. The only other exception in my mind, is Allaire's Homesite, which I use ONLY for organization of files, so I can access them easier, and the use of colors in the HTML makes organization much easier, and easier to tell where in the document you are, when they get very large. If you have a few bucks to dish out, register it. Otherwise, stick to Notepad. There are some decent text-based HTML editors which I think can be useful. Notepad is a good editor in practically all programming languages though, and it comes with Windows, which is nice.

Saving as an HTML file

On saving files, with Notepad, all you have to do is click, FILE--SAVE AS--then change the file format to ALL FILES, and save as *.htm (or .HTML which doesn't make a difference, .SHTM or .SHTML which are used when pages have special properties. There might be something on this later). I prefer to use *.htm though, and make sure all your pages use the same name type format...such as...all lowercase, etc.

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